Top Ten Tuesday: 10 ways to get a good nights Sleep.

I’m not an expert or anything. This post just popped into my mind last night whilst trying to get to sleep.

10. Don’t eat Cheese

They say it’s an old wife’s tale but just to be sure.

9. Have a warm bath

Light some candles, play some nice music, feel those muscles unwind, just don’t actually fall asleep in the bath.

8. Have a hot chocolate

With marshmallows and cream. Yum!

7. Actually just have any hot beverage

except coffee. No coffee

6. Set up a regular bedtime

Parents are always talking about the importance of this for children so surely it should work for adult too. Except we are adults and don’t have a bedtime. And I can’t go to bed until all the chores are done. Remember the time we all wanted to be grown up because we had a bedtime.

5. And breath out

And in. And back out for two.

Ok so for a time I did do a wind down yoga session before bed but then I grew up and had a job and that thing called spare time just disappeared.

4. Put fresh sheets on the bed

And freshly washed pyjamas on the radiator! Isn’t it jut the best when it’s new bedding night? I want to come to bed early.

3. Settle down with a good book

You can guarantee when I start reading in bed I will wake up in the middle of the night been smothered by said book.

2. Banish the snoring partner

I share a bed with an adult male. This means I regularly have to deal with snoring. The best way to get a good nights sleep? Make him sleep in the spare bed, or before that make him sleep on the sofa.

1. Counting Sheep

A little old fashion I may admit but it works. If you want to make it more interesting start naming the sheep breeds.

Blue Leciester.


Welsh Rarebit.

Wait I’m just naming food?

In that case if all else fails go raid the fridge and have a midnight snack.

Just remember to avoid the cheese!


Stitching Saturday – Sick Day!

I ended up at the emergency doctors last night because of my asthma. Its never no fun when I get to the end of day and realise I really, really can’t breathe and on reflection haven’t really been able to do all day. The upside is this time I caught it early enough not to end up very ill but lots of rest and lots of tablets have been prescribed. Which means following doctors instructions I am going to stay at home all day and craft to my heart content. I may even be able to get the husband to wait on me hand and foot! Okey that may up unlikely but a day of rest is needed.

So what is the plan for today?

Well so far I have updated my Ravelry to show all my lovely purchases that I bought with my friend the other week and the few other wooly purchases over the last month or so. I’ve also updated my projects and looking at my page I look like a serial starter with a lot of WIPs. So I’m am determined to finish a few of the smaller things over the next couple of month starting with the socks that my husband has fondly named Dennis. Well he’s named the one sock I’m part of the way through Dennis. I suppose it’s pair will be named Gnasher. The nickname came about because of the bright red and black colour combo I have chosen for them. Unfortunately my “resting” (read laziness for this point) means I can’t take any photos at the moment as I’m not really sure where all my projects are hiding.

I also plan on seeking out new music on soundcloud and seeing what takes my fancy. Me and the husband are listening to the local radio station at the moment and it appears that pop music seems to be getting more influence from dance. This is a bad thing, I completely understand that music goes through changes and that’s why pop music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now all sound completely different but on the other hand I can prefer a style of music that is not the “popular” choice for a moment. In the early 2000’s I loved music that was on the radio, the main band I can think of been Kaiser Chiefs. I still enjoy listening their first album on repeat, much to the upset of the husband. And it’s still a style of music I enjoy to this day, guitar led, vocally strong, bouncy rock. Yes I totally just made up that name for it but at the time it was pop-rock, fast forward to today it would more likely than not be called indie-rock. Pop-rock today would more likely be something like Mumford and Sons (who I also like for the balance of argument) but they are not as readily played of the radio and have more of a folk sound. So the plan for today is definitely going to be looking at soundcloud and other music websites to see if I can see any new classics or old forgotten favourites (Like this piece of magic that I rediscovered last week)

I should also probably think about enjoying some fantastic food but that would require a trip to the shops. Maybe I could convince the husband that he really needs to do everything for me…..

Enjoy your day! I’m off to convince my husband to wait on me hand and foot.

#yarnpadc – catchup time


Day 8: Handwriting – most of my handwriting these days are to the husband. He had chores to do and was playing in the computer so I confiscated the keyboard and mouse. Hence the mouse I will “getting” is not a really mouse but the computer mouse.


Day 9: Socks – Comfession: I’ve never knitted my own socks but I’m working on it


Day 10: Morning


Day 11: Circles – my first project on circulars


Day 12: A is for….. Aaron


Day 13: Chart – Chart for the circular pattern.


Day 14: Sign – before the fire at work this was the only sign we had ( but we also had a wall of llama picture and a aquarium wall)


Day 15: Edible – More work related. Eating at desk


Day 16: Key – My key on which my thread cutter permanently lives.


Day 17: Lace – Close up of circles project


Day 18: Imperfect – This is for my cousin and I’m really disappointed how it turned out. To the point I might make another one for her.


Day 19: New – Bought to cheer myself up


Day 20: Old – My father in laws chess set sat on his cabinet both of which now live at my house. The chess set is mine and the husbands thing to do together and the cabinet has become a home for my craft supplies.

And that’s all folks!

Stitching Sunday – Just call me The Domestic Goddess.

By 9:30am I had cleaned the house, had the bread rising, homemade soup in the pot and was eating breakfast. Which meant one thing….I could spend as much time as I wanted with my crafts.

(I would like to point out at this point husband is on nights this week so he was asleep so I had to not make too much noise. So sitting quietly crafty was a perfect excuse to keep the noise down. His shift patterns mean that it can sometimes appear I live the life of someone who lives by myself. Not the case I just blog less when we actually see one another.)

The craft time also resulted in a couple of finishes.

First of completed against my better judgement I remade the stripy hat. And much to my, and my blood pressures, relief I only cast on 5 times and the hat came out a much more reasonable size. So today that got sent off to baby.

I also finished the Christmas present for my sister.


The biggest issue I’m having now is whether or not to add accord with a couple of pompoms orto leave them as they are. Decisions, decisions.

As one project is finished that means another goes straight onto the needles.


I believe these came free with issue 71 of Let’s Knit but don’t 100% take my word for that. I could go double check but once again this is coming from the comfort of my bed and I’d much rather stay here than get up to check a little detail.

It’s also only 2 weeks and 6 days until yarndale!

I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. You may have noticed the little image go up in my sidebar a few days ago but I forgot to mention it in a post at the time mainly because me and the images that go in the sidebar argue because after managing to get the image up it was far too late to post.

It’s a local craft fair mainly focusing on wool and fibres that held in Skipton. Well I say local, it’s actually about 40 minutes away by train but its still based in my lovely home county of Yorkshire and celebrates a lot of Yorkshire wool heritage. For more information I definitely recommend you visit the website:

The main reason I am excited is that it’s a day out with my knit and natter friends who I meet up with on a Thursday. I unfortunately missed the summer picnic so this will be my first real outing with everyone. It will be nice to spend more time with people and it sometimes feels like the 2 hours on Thursdays goes far too quickly.

Once again as I am on bed this is just a short one. As soon as this post goes up I shall be heading to the land of nod. Good night all.

Happy belated Panentine Day! (Pancake/Valentine days)


Ignore the terrible camera work, I can only use my iPad.

As promised above was my attempt at the arrow truffles. I didn’t have any sparkly tinsel so had to make do with paper arrow heads and tails. But I think they turned out ok. If very alcoholic.


I also made pancakes (you can also see husbands shoulder as he refused to stand up so I could take a picture). I can also flipped them pretty well but you need a skilled cameraman to capture a flip in action.

Real life has been infringing on my blog time but hopefully will be more updates this week with all my adventures.