Stitching Sunday: Updates, WIPs and Yarndale!

Good Morning!

It was the end of which most people would class as an extra hour in bed but due to a horrible nights sleep I spent more time of the sofa and not really asleep. Oh well.

Onto the updates!

The that I posted about on Monday not looks like as a jumper.

I hoping this will be finished by Friday because it is going to form part of my Halloween costume. No I’m not going to be a pumpkin. If I get everything sorted I’m going to post pictures on Friday.

The jumper was actually a Yarndale purchase. Which believe it or not was actually 4 weeks ago. Doesn’t time fly when you’re working ridiculous hours having fun!

In fact when I saw the jumper it was a moment of pure love. I spotted it across the pens, a deep orange exactly like one I had been searching for, not knowing if it actually existed. And then when I held it, oh my giddy aunt, it was just so, so soft. was a shop I had never heard of before Yarndale but now I can’t recommend them enough. Even after spending about 15 minutes trying to make the payment I was still excited about the wool. Yarndale in general makes me happy but I felt like was walking on air by this point.

I also got several other Yarndale purchases;

Wool from Susan Crawford (possibly a knit for NaKniSwaMo, its only 5 days away people. She also reconised me from last year due to my awesome Lady and The Tramp jumper. Did I mention that she is my favourite designer??


Cascade Jumper


More badges.


Wool from Baa Ram Ewe (my LYS)


Toft (For a Giraffe! And other animals.)


Originally I wasn’t going to get anything from Toft but then just three days before Yarndale Edward’s Menagerie landed on my doorstep and I just had to get started on it. And it was another case on when I felt the wool I fell in love. ITS SO FLUFFY!


Totally what I act like.

Sparkleduck wool AND A DUCK!


With some knick nacks.


And so far I have been really good and only cast on the orange jumper because I wanted to make that for Halloween.

Last year Yarndale had some teething issues but they honestly seemed to be all ironed out this year. Yes you still had to queue to get in or to use the toilets but the cafes were much better and there was more choice in terms of stalls. Bring on an even bigger and better Yarndale 2015! If next year is more awesome I may combust from my squealing just so you are all aware.

Well as for my other WIPs I finally made a decision on the neck of the little boys jumper I’m making.

As I had enough yarn to make them with the hood and wouldn’t have had a clue what I would have made with the leftover wool (at the time, I’ve found a perfect stash buster) I decided to go with the hood. And I’m very impressed with the way they are looking. When I was having a bit of a blog tidy up I also realised that I never tracked the day of when I bought this yarn.

It was on Knit In Public Day and to celebrate a few of us from KNN made a journey to the next town over and made a visit to Texere. T was a great day out, I think we ended up spending about 2 hours there is the vast warehouse of a shop.

The yarn used to make the jumper was heavily discounted and I bought the two colour ways I am using for the jumper along with another two colour ways for other projects. One is for a Cardie for the goddaughter and the other I bought just because it was adorable and I couldn’t leave be last two balls looking sad and alone in the basket, so I bought them. Tell me honestly could you leave this all alone in a basket?


So ok I had no idea what to make with it but then I’ve had a lot of friends announce they are pregnant and decided to have a bit of an experiment. And for a change it worked!


Teeny Tiny Baby Socks! And my first successfully pair of sock (we are not talking about the socks in this post) In the future I can quickly see these becoming my go to project for quick, simple present and to use small leftover bits of yarn. Best of all it’s a free pattern of Ravelry.

Talking about patterns take a look at these I also got at Texere.



And the large amount of yarn.


I have also started to work on some of the poor neglected WIPs. Take George the bear. I don’t like sewing up. So I left him my needle bag for many months in many pieces but yesterday for no reason Ok that’s a lie I was fed up of the orange monster I decided to work on sewing him up.


So he’s still not finished but he is looking more like a bear.

I also had to pause briefly on my Fair Isle top. As much as I wanted this to be completed by September I had an accident on the train that resulted in the needle been snapped. Now I’m not completely blaming to woman who rammed into me as the cause of the snapping but I totally am. Whilst it would be classed as murder it is definitely manslaughter! For an equally disastrous needle story read my friends blog here.

Finally had any one been watching the celebrity version of Great British Sewing Bee!? I think it has been marvellous and of course it is all in aid of a great charity. I think I am most certainly adding Pam Ferris to my list of people I would like to have a tea and Craft afternoon with, even if she did scare me half to death as Miss Trunchbill in Matilda when I was little (Shotput, Javelin, Hammerthrow)

Congratulations if you got to the end of his post, you also deserve a tea and craft afternoon.


Stitching Sunday: The London Marathon

Today is a lovely day, bright, clear but not too warm. Perfect for runners and crafters alike. I have huge admiration for all the people running today, whether for personal achievement, for a charity or a loved one. I know the chances of me are virtually zero. I just don’t have the stamina. However #getinspired has inspired me.

A long time ago (long,long,long,long,long time ago in a galaxy called Newcastle) my Daddy ran the Great North Run. More than once. The pictures of him crossing the finishing line use to have pride of place on the mantle piece when I was little. Then us children came along and had events like birthdays, and christenings and in my case a graduation and my Daddy got replaced on the mantle piece. Even the dog got a picture. The result is that my Dad now has no pictures in frames in the house. The pictures of him crossing the finish line now reside in the dusty loft, out of sight, out of mind. And my Daddy well he’s nearly 50 now and well, he’s put on a bit of weight.

However recently he’s decided to do something about this and has taken up distance bike riding. And if he can do it I can do.

I made a promise to myself to get fitter at the beginning of the year and today I’ve decide to make a little better on that resolution.

Knitting is still going to be my main priority though. 😊

Lent update: We are more than halfway there people and with all the marathon talk above I’ve realised that Lent is a little bit like a marathon. The first few days feel great with the roar of the crowd, then the next few days you find your pace, everyone has a day when they hit “the wall” and want to crumble and then you get to a day like today, where you can see the finish line and you know at the end your going to have a great sense of achievement.

I think I maybe getting into the marathon metaphor a bit too much.

WIP Wednesday: Look at all the goodies!

So this is less of an update on what’s in progress and more of a look at all the pretty things I’ve bought.

As I mentioned yesterday a parcel got delivered. My husband said it was about the size and weight of a five year old. I didn’t quite believe him. Until I saw itself that is.

It was huge.

Wanna look at all the pretties?



I’ve already nicknamed this one my ice cream. Sound daft but it just remind me of summer and it would make a great little vintage style summer dress.


This is to make some Christmas decoration for me and my Mam. I will show then when they are completed.




I think it’s fair to say I have a little obsession with these colours.



And these will hopefully make some lovely blouses.


And this shall be a basic dress with WOW! Made from a pattern from these lovelies!


How really, really spoilt am I? (And on a side note how amazing was last nights Bee?)

Then in Scarborough I got these goodies!





So much! I am one very lucky girl!

There was also an amazing little shop just on the Main Street where I got this.



Go visit them. The whole shop is a treasure trove. They even have a working antique singer which is divine.

Finally, it still isn’t block but I’ve decided I just can’t wait to show it off any longer. Here is the "hideous pink cardie" as I have nicknamed it.





Lent Update: no idea what day I’m on. No longer craving coke. Been a little easier than I thought.


Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Great Things About Tuesdays!

Let’s face it, Tuesday is a bit of a flat day. It’s not the start of the week or the middle of the week or the weekend. Most people would say Tuesday has no good points. But I disagree. Here are 10 reasons Tuesdays are Awesome!

10. You get a list from me
And I get to think of one too!

9. Deliveries!
Look what I got today!


I order this lovely package of goodness from Minerva Crafts on Saturday. Let’s face it Royal Mail would never get it here on Monday morning so Tuesday deliveries are best!

8. Everything’s Tuesday
No I’ve not gone mad. It’s the name of a song! Look honestly a song!

7. Food places are empty
Nobody treats themselves to a lunch treat on a Tuesday. Which makes it the perfect day to go. And my personally suggestion at the moment is Harajuku Kitchen in Trinity Leeds. It’s only here until Sunday so go try then really quickly!

6. Traffics not as bad
You can pretty much guarantee traffic jams on Fridays and Mondays. But Tuesdays not so bad. My train was even on time today! My train is always at least 3 minutes late!

5. Super Tuesdays!
No this isn’t something I’m making up either. Go to your local Vue cinema and you can get a third of the regular cinema price! Who needs orange Wednesdays when you have Super Tuesdays!

4. Again the same for the theatre
Here in Leeds a lot of the productions only have one week runs. Mondays opening nights and Saturday and Sunday Matinees are normally crazy. So go on a Tuesday. Often you get upgraded to a better seat and have the choice of better seats when booking. Double awesome.

3. Sometimes Tuesdays are Mondays
Ok so I’m stretching the credibility here a but but when you have a Bank Holiday Monday how many people (if you work in an office) say “Ooh it’s like Monday today, but it’s only a four day week, how lovely!” So sometimes Tuesdays can be Mondays.

2. Monday, Tuesday, Happy Day!

I just wanted an excuse to link this! How can you not smile at this?

1. Sewing Bee Day People!
Best TV day of the week! Pjs on, needles out, chocolate and wine at the ready. Bring on the Bee!


Fun Friday: Breakfast TV

I’ve been watching breakfast TV quite a lot this week and it brings up conversations for the entire day.

Even today they’ve had a serious discussion on the outcomes of the badger culling (FYI: it didn’t appear to be very effective) with the ever eloquent Brian May (FYI: not sarcasm, I genuinely think Brian May is one of the nicest people and very intelligent. He also seems to put a great deal of thought into everything he says), a discussion of the worlds largest air craft funded by the lead singer of Iron Maiden and lots of pretty pictures of the Northern Lights. And this is the point I am making. With Breakfast TV you never know what you are going to wake up to.

I can think of a couple of times there were exceptions, such as 9/11 or the night Princess Diana died. Both these times, even though I was a child, I turned on the morning TV and these stayed on the TV all day not just at Breakfast. You can tell though that even as a child we watched breakfast TV or occasionally the radio, and I think this is where my habit formed.

As I said at the beginning though Breakfast TV set us up for the day. How many times have you started a conversation with friends, family or work colleagues with the words “I saw on the TV this morning…” or “Did you listen to the radio this morning?” Even on Tuesday evening my husband came home and said “Did you catch BBC Breakfast this morning?” I had that morning and knew exactly which bit of the show he was going to talk to me about.

There was a segment on BBC Breakfast about the international TV fair that was been held. It was mainly about how British TV shows were dominating the international market, either in their original format, such as Top Gear, Downton Abbey and Sherlock, or been adapted, such as Strictly Come Dancing in Panama or Come Dine With Me in India. The whole segment seemed to promote the international element of TV yet at the same time highlighting that American TV has taken a decline at the moment. It gave no indication of why American TV was suffering a decline but if I was to offer an opinion then I would say it has more advert breaks than the average European show. Just as an example the BBC has no adverts and the average half hour show on ITV (the main commercial channel) has somewhere between 5-7 minutes of adverts. Based on the length of half hour comedies from America, Big Bang Theory I’m looking at you, there can be anywhere between 10 and 12 minutes of adverts, almost double what we are use to.

However none of the above was the reason that my husband mentioned the segment. It was because of one tiny throwaway line, the interviewer asked a Finnish TV Executive what the number one import was from British TV. His reply: Heartbeat! Let me explain. Heartbeat is no longer produced in the Uk, it was axed in 2009 but the final episodes were filmed long before. Heartbeat was a major part of my childhood, Sunday nights, hot Chocolate, Heartbeat and going to bed when the theme music of London’s Burning started. It was also set in my home county of Yorkshire. This meant not only did I recognised the places they were talking about but I could visit them on trips to the seaside.


Didn’t we make a cute family?


Me on the road where The Royal, Heartbeats spin off show, was filmed.

To know that something I hold dear (warning dear reader, mock me at your peril. Even though both Heartbeat and The Royal are uncool/naff/for old people I hold them dear and will defend them) is still been appreciated in another country makes me feel warm. It also gives me a sense of hope.

I read about Amazon resurrecting Ripper Street after it was cancelled by the BBC (Also I set the link to the BBC website, it’s fun sometimes to see the irony, they cancelled a show only for it to be bought by another company) To be fair Ripper Street was only cancelled in December and not several years ago but the thought that with enough support a TV show can be brought back. It did actually happen recently with Birds of a Feather, ironically enough also lost by the BBC to another channel.

So really I’ve just gone on a bit of a ramble. But my point still stands, Breakfast TV creates conversation for the day, sometimes it even inspires blog posts.

The Big Bang Theory Recap: Sheldon and Amy Take a Really Big Step



The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Amy kissThis Thursday on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah Fowler received perhaps the most unexpected Valentine’s Day gift ever.

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“The Locomotive Manipulation” opened with Amy guiding her beau of three years through their annual State of the Relationship Summit, during which they failed to agree on his pet name for her (“Gollum” was shot down, again) and then tackled the sticky wicket of Valentine’s Day plans.

Amy proposes an idea they’ll both enjoy: a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in Napa Valley. Yet even after Amy addresses Sheldon’s assorted concerns (eating with strangers, claw-foot bath tubs, etcetera), he must wonder: What’s in it for me to enjoy? Her comeback: They’re traveling to Napa on a fully functioning vintage train — more specifically, an Alco FA-4 diesel locomotive leading meticulously restored 1915 Pullman first class…

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional Knitters

No I don’t mean people who pretend to knit but characters in TV, film and literature who are known knitters. So without further ado, in at Number 10.

10. Gromit from Wallace and Gromit


A dog who knits! A DOG WHO KNITS! A DOG WHO KNITS! No more to say on this subject.

9. Phoebe Buffay from Friends



My family often said I would turn into Phoebe. I can’t play the guitar, I don’t think my cat is my dead Grandmother and I’m not a Masseuse. However I can’t run, can’t really sing, do say the craziest things and knit. I’ll let you weigh up whether I am or not.

8. Miss Marple


Not really much more to add.

7. Rose for Two and a Half Men


I don’t even like this show but the husband does. And boy did he yell when he saw the scene of Rose knitting. Even then I only managed to watch about 30 seconds before getting distracted.

6. Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web


So technically a weaver but let’s just love all forms of wooly related crafts. It reminds me of been little so sentimentally may have gotten the better of me when I included this.

5. Laurie Strode from Halloween

(This was literally the only image I could find of her with the knitting needle. I might have to make some screenshots myself)

Knitters are not joking when we say we could kill someone with a knitting needle. To be honest I’m surprised that it’s only been done once this noticeably in a film.

4. Mortica Adams from The Adams Family


Another dark one but hey ho.

3. The DC Universe




Because Superheroes need a hobby too (It’s a shame that Marvel can’t keep but but the idea of Tony Stark knitting is the best image my imagination has come up with this year)

2. Everyone in Harry Potter.


This one….


….and this one (epic sleeves)….


….and this one……


…..and this one…..


….and probably this one.

I think J.K. Uses knitting as shorthand for magical. Hence I am magical.

1. The Doctor from Doctor Who



Excuse me while I just spend the rest of the night looking at Paul McGann.

Stitching Sunday: Wool and Who.

Happy Sunday everybody!

I have no plans for today except knitting and watching the marathon of Doctor Who episodes on Watch.

It’s absolute heaven.

Then again I had a pretty epic day yesterday as well. Wool and tea is probably one of the best ways to spend a Saturday.

It was a little bittersweet though. The wool shop that me and my friend went to is closing down soon. This isn’t just any wool shop. If I was to say it was the wool shop in Leeds it’s not really an exaggeration. Even people who don’t knit know about the shop on Eastgate just because it’s been there years. Anyone who has got a bus into Leeds at any point would have more than likely have passed it at one point or another. The shop is due to be demolished as part of the Eastgate Development .

While I do think that the Development is a good idea and places like Trinity have completely changed the way that Leeds look I am starting to think that the Leeds that I knew as a child has already gone. Trinity use to be another shopping centre, a pretty run down one to be honest. The Schofield Centre,which became the Headrow Centre which had the best children’s play area and food court is now The Core which is only occupied by a gym, New Look and HMV (And I’ll be honest I don’t think HMV will last much longer). I had my first visit to Santa at Lewis’s but that’s now A Sainsburys, TK Maxx and Argos. The Odeon is now a Primark (but somehow A.W.Scott next to the building has survived!). And losing The spinner is another part of this.

Wow that got nostalgic quickly. However just as I keep the happy memories of my trip to Santa, the food court at the Schofield Centre and family trips to the Odeon I will now be adding the happy memories of The Spinner to them.

And boy did I get some deals. Enough 4-ply wool to make 2.5 jumpers (the point five because I want to make the below from Issue 75 of Let’s Knit and only have 3 of the colours so far)


The Spinner also said it was open for at least a couple more weeks until they close so I might even end up going back before then and getting a few more bargains.

But for now I have a few more episode of Doctor Who to watch whilst I’m deciding which lovely jumper I want to knit first
: Such a debonair little Jumper or Warm Jumper or you know any Susan Crawford pattern.

Review of The Year 2013

Hello 2014!

But before that a couple of reflections on 2013. It was busy, I started two new jobs, made some fantastic friends, celebrated my first wedding anniversary and got very, very fat.

Think I’m over exaggerating on the fat thing? Not. A. Chance. Me and my scales have had very very firm words the last couple of weeks so I’m going to have to do some thing drastic. Like make new year resolutions.

Now last years resolutions were very simple. Keep this blog and don’t let it become one of the many unloved ones that happens when people start them with good intentions. Now I’m the first to admit it went all a bit pear shaped the last month of the year but today is another year and it’s off to a good start. I’m here and blogging. So as it’s 2014 I’ve decided I’m going to make 2014 resolutions…..Joking I’m not actually that mental. Instead I think 14 should be a nice amount. So here goes:-

1. Keep this Blog going. Yes it’s not a famous one and honk only about 3 people read it (thankfully none of them my mother) but it’s my little love letter to the world.

2. Lose the Cheese weight You know above I mentioned I had firm words with my scales? My scales replied you know it’s only because of huge cheese. It’s not so much I need to drastically lose weight but I need to tone up, slim down a little and get healthier. I’m never going to look like Kate Moss, or Lily Cole or even Michelle Keegan, who is supposedly a “girl next door”, because I have small boobs and a massive arse, a typical pear. I’m not going to go all Bridget Jones on you but be warned a couple of “updates on my weight goal” posts in the future. And talking about Bridget…..

3. Read More! I have some books on my shelves that I’ve never even got round to reading and just have to.

4Refresh my language courses I also have some language course on my shelves that are getting a little dusty. Especially my German ones….in fact the only phrase I can think of is “uber de brocher” and I don’t think I’ve spelt that right.

5. Enjoy my university course Oh yes I forgot to mention I’m doing another course. This is a bit more of a long term goal but within 3 years I plan to have my CLC qualification and be a qualified Conveyancer.

6. Go to More Gigs I’ve had so much fun this year listening to new music, old music and live music in general. I know me and the hubby have got tickets to the eagles in July but hopefully I will also get round to seeing rizzle kicks this year as well.

7. Make the hubby a jumper he’s been asking for one for so long and I always seem to be on a deadline for something else. On the other hand….

8. Actually make something for me! What happened to the NaMoSwaMo dress I hear you all cry? Well unfortunately I read the pattern wrong, the second time I cast on and actually got the edge right I read the rest of it as 1×1 ribbing when it should have actually been moss/seed stitch. D’oh. So hopefully this year I will complete the dress.

9. Have more nights out For far too long I’ve been acting like an adult. And to quote one of my favourite people

What’s the point in been a grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes?

It lovely to go out sometimes and act a bit wild. Me and the hubby went out on the weekend between Christmas and New Year and it was a great night out.

10. Learn a new skill I have a lace making kit around here somewhere….. (Then again I always threaten to learn the violin)

11. Continue with my crafty time it fell a bit to the wayside especially as everything I seemed to be making was on a deadline but I’m going to relish the challenges of deadlines this year.

12. Stop biting my Nails I vaguely make this resolution every year….

13. Complete Tut Tut, my darling Tut, it’s been 6 and a half years, 4 houses, one kitten and one wedding. I promise this year, this marvellous year, you shall be COMPLETED!

*ahem* moving on….

14 Make time for me Sometimes I just need to sit back and let the world move round me. Need time to stop worrying. Need to be more spontaneous. Need to care less what people think.

This will be my year.

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Moments I Want To See in The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who

This might seem a bit random but let me assure you all of my love for Doctor Who. While I don’t talk if my love for the Who fandom trust me it exists I just try to keep most of my fandom squeeing to other sites. My most prize possession I lost in “The Great Fire of YP” (the name we have given to the fire at work) was my sonic screwdriver pen. And even worse I haven’t been able to find a replacement that doesn’t cost the earth.

However with the big anniversary coming up I thought it was appropriate to share a little fandom love. As the title suggests it’s things I want to happen. I’ve been trying to avoid most spoilers and the only things I definitely know that could be considered spoilery is Continue reading