Stitching Saturday: Sunny Saturday

What a glorious day and I have taken full advantage of it. Apologies for the delays in blogging but at a 25 year old I got chickenpox. Whilst I wasn’t really ill I did take a bit of a knock to my confidence and didn’t really feel like sharing anything with anyone. But that’s in the past now and I’m feeling less itchy, less spotty and less sorry for myself.

So today! Well to be honest I wasn’t in the perfect mood and I got more than a little grumpy. But look at the reason why.


A huge tangle of tangled-ness. I’ve been trying to untangle it for 3 days. And today my patience snapped. Unfortunately I may have taken my bad mood out of the husband (however he should take some of the responsibility of sneaking up behind me). The upside of my little temper tantrum is that the husband never wanted me to have to untangle again and bought me a swift and a ball winder. Very thoughtful.

However I did get to knit with this tangle once I had wound it up all nice. It did become a bit of a problem though.


It started to done when it should have been flat. I did think that spreading it out over more needles would solve this problem.


And for once my idea actually worked! Whoo! Hopefully this should speed along at a brisk pace now.

I also had another charity shop run today. I’m more than a little bit obsessed with charity stores but I get so many good deals and thing I would never find anywhere else. Take a look at these patterns.




And my personally favourite…..


Just look at the attitude. I want that swag when I’m wearing those leg warmers.

I also found out that the charity shop I bought these from are having a fabric sale in two weeks. They are going to stock the whole store with fabric and are shipping it in specially for this event. I’m hoping by the time I get to go on Saturday they won’t have sold out as it is starting on Wednesday 28th May. If anyone is interested it is the St Gemma’s Charity Shop at 206 Selby Road, Halton, Leeds, LS15 0LF. St Gemma’s is also close to my heart so if can support them please go have a look.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back blogging and will have updates on everything.



And the bad thing is I don’t even know where all my current projects are.

Off the top of my head I have Vine Cardie, Aaron’s Hayfield jumper, Feathers McGraw, My Hearts and Flowers Jumper, Dennis the Menance Socks, lacy shawl, the Baa Ram Ewe Cowl, the extra tiny leg warmers, poor old Tut’, Art of Crochet blanket, a couple of other cross stitch (Cleo and a wedding sampler), beaded bag and… wait that’s it. I think. Maybe.

And yet I want to start something new.

Maybe it’s because my plan on Monday was to have a wool, craft, fun day! Yes it went a bit awry but I did buy some goodies. I bought some Scrumptious 4 ply by Fyberspates that at the moment is just for stroking. Seriously I’m say here petting it like a silky little animal.


Plus it matches my nails at the moment.

I also found mountains of white wool in the charity shops in Headingly and decided to try kool aid dying again. Except I forgot the bit about only animal fibres. Now I know why they say animal fibres only. Luckily I only used a small amount so I still have yards and yards of white wool in various weights just itching to be used. More for me to cast on. More temptation.

So, I have decided I should finish at least one thing before anymore is cast on. Also my limited needle supply demands this happens. But what to finish? Well I’ve mostly been working on Little Vine (with the silly slippery needle), Heart and Flowers (Just starting Fair Isle section so not practical as a travel piece anymore) and Feathers McGraw (Stupid toy in a thousand pieces, on tiny needles, it’s a good job the friend I’m making it for is such a very good friend because I’ve been tempted to throw it in the bin at points). So these are going slow because I’m grumpy. As to where the others are I have no ideas.

On the other hand I did a bit of mathematics yesterday during a quiet 5 minutes at work. According to my library on Ravelry I have 1,155 patterns. So if I was to retire at 65 but wanted to knit everything in my library before then what would be the time scales? Well I would have about 2 weeks per project and I would complete them all before my 65 birthday, just. I think this proves I need to add more projects, I mean I need to plan retirement pieces as well.

EDIT: I went hunting. Tut is behind the chair, and I’m thinking he might be unfinished forever more. The small leg warmers are in the ottoman. Aaron’s jumper is in a bag on the door handle in the small bedroom/craft room/ study. The socks were in my blue satchel. The Vine Cardie was in my black satchel that I had taken to work today. The Dennis socks and shawl were under the small bedroom bed, but the pattern is lost for the shawl. This may mean I may have to frog the shale if the pattern is not found. The Art of Crochet blanket is in the pink box by the computer in the living room. Feathers McGraw is under the side table in the living room. The random cross stitch and beaded bad are in the really useful boxes in the storage cupboard. I have no idea where the Baa Ram Ewe cowl is. I’ve searched hard and it’s not in any of the usual places. However the husband may have a point when he says my craft stuff takes over the house. Makes me more determined to finish off some projects and give them a good home.