WIP Wednesday: Halloween, Bonfire and Christmas, Oh My!

Oh my giddy Aunt! Where has the time gone? I did actually write a blog all about Halloween but somehow it got eaten by my phone before it was posted.

The only reason I’m getting round to writing this is because I’ve ended up on a detour on my way home and have no knitting/crochet/craft of any description! Disaster! However it does give me time to blog.

So Halloween. The jumper I made was finished. Yes I was making it on October 30th but it was finished by Halloween. I wore it pretty much all day at work and most of the time on my night out. Want to see a picture? Well unfortunately WordPress is not been my friend today so I will have to paint you a word picture. It was the brightest Orange, with large puffy sleeves and a snuggle polo neck. Tonight Matthew I’m going to be Velma from Scooby Doo! (If you don’t get that reference go google old episodes of Stars in Their Eyes. It will be he best thing you do all week. I occasionally watch the old episodes on the channel Challenge, it makes me thankful I avoided most of the 80’s, that went off topic quickly….) Edit: WordPress is my friend again and is letting me post pictures but the chat about Stars in Their Eyes was too good to be edited out


So yeah Velma! It was awesome I think I lost a stone in sweat One of the best nights out ever how I did not pass out I do not know My jumper got a million lovely comment bloody hope so too the effort I put into it However as great as the night out was its unlikely I will wear this jumper on a day to day basis, it was just too warm! You know those jumpers you wear on days at home when it’s cold and a little drizzly? Well it’s become my stay at home jumper.

Then it’s the husbands birthday and Bonfire Night! And almost on schedule I got a horrible chest infection and end up on a nebuliser. This is both horrible and good. Bad; I don’t like been ill and off work; Good; I get to knit more!

I even managed to complete a couple of small projects. I made some very bright, rainbow coloured socks for the newest member of the family. She is uber adorable and her mum, my cousin, was ecstatic for something not pink! Gender colours are something that is actually mentioned quite a lot at KNN on Thursday and while I think it’s occasionally nice to see a girl in a pretty pink dress the sheer amount of pink that I was confronted with when I went to buy an outfit for new member of family was overwhelming. Eventually I found a little denim dress with a yellow t shirt and tights but it was very difficult. And from the excitement of my cousin when she finally received something not pink I’m going to try and not stick to gender colours for any new arrivals.


I have also almost finished my hearts and flowers top. The shoulders have been seamed and buttons bought. However at this late stage I don’t want to show half a seamed top so the next photos will be of it finished and on my and Bernadette (yes my dummy is going to wear it as well)

So for the husbands birthday (and before the terrible Chest Infection of 2014) we went to the theatre to see a musical performance, a full review will happen at some point in a Fun Friday post. We have also managed another musical performance and a gig since I posted so they will be getting posts soon as well, as well as the long overdue reviews for The Eagles and The Perfect Murder.

And now, well it’s only 4 weeks til Christmas you lucky, lucky people. Is Santa bringing you fruit or coal this year? I think he is bringing me yarn. Well I’m hoping for yarn. He also brought me an early Christmas present in the form of the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show. I didn’t actually spend that much, my biggest purchase been MillaMia Country Escape Booklet and the yarn for the striped pattern. I also treated my Toyota sewing machine to a cosy new bag.

The husband was my partner in crime for my day in Harrogate and convinced me to buy this pattern and the yarn for the adult jumpers. He’s hoping I will have at least one done by Christmas!

I’ve also been neglecting my sewing for the longest time so treated myself to some fabrics to make my sister an apron for Christmas (the chances of her reading this and finding out are minimal so I can reveal all on here) and a Gorguss cross stitch, which I was so eager for I’ve actually started work on it last Sunday during a film marathon (it was the Tinkerbell films, I’m both ashamed and not ashamed by that fact)

I also treated myself to a workshop, Make a Vintage Clutch Bag. Whilst I do have a bag it is not photo worthy. In the slightest. Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage to show the world but that day is not today. I did really enjoy my time on the sewing machine and it gave me another pattern to work with that I know I will be confident to do, just needing a little more than two hours to complete it in.

And that just about brings me up to date. Work is mental again at the moment as half the staff are on holiday (again, we always seem to plan our holidays together) but next week so am I. Hopefully by then WordPress will be my friend again and I will be able to update with lots of pictures and blogs of my adventures.



And the bad thing is I don’t even know where all my current projects are.

Off the top of my head I have Vine Cardie, Aaron’s Hayfield jumper, Feathers McGraw, My Hearts and Flowers Jumper, Dennis the Menance Socks, lacy shawl, the Baa Ram Ewe Cowl, the extra tiny leg warmers, poor old Tut’, Art of Crochet blanket, a couple of other cross stitch (Cleo and a wedding sampler), beaded bag and…..no wait that’s it. I think. Maybe.

And yet I want to start something new.

Maybe it’s because my plan on Monday was to have a wool, craft, fun day! Yes it went a bit awry but I did buy some goodies. I bought some Scrumptious 4 ply by Fyberspates that at the moment is just for stroking. Seriously I’m say here petting it like a silky little animal.


Plus it matches my nails at the moment.

I also found mountains of white wool in the charity shops in Headingly and decided to try kool aid dying again. Except I forgot the bit about only animal fibres. Now I know why they say animal fibres only. Luckily I only used a small amount so I still have yards and yards of white wool in various weights just itching to be used. More for me to cast on. More temptation.

So, I have decided I should finish at least one thing before anymore is cast on. Also my limited needle supply demands this happens. But what to finish? Well I’ve mostly been working on Little Vine (with the silly slippery needle), Heart and Flowers (Just starting Fair Isle section so not practical as a travel piece anymore) and Feathers McGraw (Stupid toy in a thousand pieces, on tiny needles, it’s a good job the friend I’m making it for is such a very good friend because I’ve been tempted to throw it in the bin at points). So these are going slow because I’m grumpy. As to where the others are I have no ideas.

On the other hand I did a bit of mathematics yesterday during a quiet 5 minutes at work. According to my library on Ravelry I have 1,155 patterns. So if I was to retire at 65 but wanted to knit everything in my library before then what would be the time scales? Well I would have about 2 weeks per project and I would complete them all before my 65 birthday, just. I think this proves I need to add more projects, I mean I need to plan retirement pieces as well.

EDIT: I went hunting. Tut is behind the chair, and I’m thinking he might be unfinished forever more. The small leg warmers are in the ottoman. Aaron’s jumper is in a bag on the door handle in the small bedroom/craft room/ study. The socks were in my blue satchel. The Vine Cardie was in my black satchel that I had taken to work today. The Dennis socks and shawl were under the small bedroom bed, but the pattern is lost for the shawl. This may mean I may have to frog the shale if the pattern is not found. The Art of Crochet blanket is in the pink box by the computer in the living room. Feathers McGraw is under the side table in the living room. The random cross stitch and beaded bad are in the really useful boxes in the storage cupboard. I have no idea where the Baa Ram Ewe cowl is. I’ve searched hard and it’s not in any of the usual places. However the husband may have a point when he says my craft stuff takes over the house. Makes me more determined to finish off some projects and give them a good home.

Mini Monday – One step forward, Two steps back

So I was extra excited yesterday. And for good reason. Frankenstein was even better than expected, 60’s Gold was great and had a extra treat when we went to see Thor 2.

And this morning was lovely too. The husband loved his presents and (as I planned) he wanted to play on his PC games, which meant I got time to do some knitting.


As promised here’s the godsons jumper. The bottom piece will be the front and the top piece is the beginning of the sleeve. However as the title suggest not so much plain sailing. When I read the pattern I didn’t care so much for the colours shown so decided I would replace them. It said it was a four strip pattern. So went to Yarndale and bought myself 4 beautiful, complimentary colours. Except I got it wrong. There is four colours in the strip and then a base colour so I actually needed 5 different colours. So I can’t go any further at the moment except maybe to start the other sleeve and the back.

Knowing this I decided to work on NaKniSwaMo dress. The next row was described as

Fold hem at picot edge, pick up cast on sts and purl them together with live sts one by one to create a folded hem

Not that difficult. The effect it was creating was lovely. And the I realised I was showing the wrong side having folded the edge the wrong way. So I started to unpick but unfortunately ended up dropping about 10 stitches right down to the cast in edge. I had to unravel the whole thing.

Result: NaKniSwaMo total – 0


Repeat after me, tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day.

Time to cast on 197 stitches again.

Stitching Sunday – Rinse and repeat; I am a bad blogger.

It feels like I say I am a bad blogger all the time. I’m really good for 5 days or so and make posts, even if only short and irrelevant. And then I have a post like this where I have to try and fit in 10 days worth of events on my life.

In terms of craft there has been a fair amount, just because I only seem to have two parts of my life at the moment, work and craft. Work is having a bit of a meltdown at the moment which means I seem to be at work for 10 hours a day but due to technical problems am not actually getting that much done. So rather than feeling like I’m twiddling my thumbs (and after I’ve made teas for the office and done the washing up in the sink and occasionally done the dusting) when the server/internet/intranet/network is down I knit. It does mean that I have made progress on quite a bit. And allows a conversation to start around me as most people ask what I’m doing, how it’s coming along, general questions like that. Which is very nice.

So updates. Well in my previous post I posted this as my imperfect yarnpadc

It just looks wrong. Slightly misshapen, a little flat and just generally pathetic. I am considering starting again.


This the the cowl pattern that I bought at yarndale and this is also coming along well, and been protected by Geoffrey and Gertrude the giraffes.


This is the progress on what I’ve nicknamed the Ravenclaw scarf. While it was originally going to be be for myself he husband has slight fallen in love with it and he has claimed it for his own when it is finished.


These are also e Christmas decorations that I am making but have run out of the white. That means I have to go sopping but I don’t really want to shop because it means I am going to end up buying more than I need. I always do.


And these hopefully will be Poppy’s for the royal legion.

Other things, well my sister is pestering me for some leg warmer and she has had a browse through Ravelry and decided on a few things she likes it I feel that it maybe a while before she gets the finished Inge as I haven’t even cast on anything yet. I also have the many many Christmas present that are to be cast on and finished before Christmas.

I think maybe I’m hitting a bit of block at the moment with my craft. I have things that I want to do but really I should focus on the things that need doing e.g. The Christmas presents.

So today I think I might have a day of sit back and relax day and do what I want and start again on Monday with the things that I have deadlines for.

Stitching Sunday – Just call me The Domestic Goddess.

By 9:30am I had cleaned the house, had the bread rising, homemade soup in the pot and was eating breakfast. Which meant one thing….I could spend as much time as I wanted with my crafts.

(I would like to point out at this point husband is on nights this week so he was asleep so I had to not make too much noise. So sitting quietly crafty was a perfect excuse to keep the noise down. His shift patterns mean that it can sometimes appear I live the life of someone who lives by myself. Not the case I just blog less when we actually see one another.)

The craft time also resulted in a couple of finishes.

First of completed against my better judgement I remade the stripy hat. And much to my, and my blood pressures, relief I only cast on 5 times and the hat came out a much more reasonable size. So today that got sent off to baby.

I also finished the Christmas present for my sister.


The biggest issue I’m having now is whether or not to add accord with a couple of pompoms orto leave them as they are. Decisions, decisions.

As one project is finished that means another goes straight onto the needles.


I believe these came free with issue 71 of Let’s Knit but don’t 100% take my word for that. I could go double check but once again this is coming from the comfort of my bed and I’d much rather stay here than get up to check a little detail.

It’s also only 2 weeks and 6 days until yarndale!

I cannot tell you how excited this makes me. You may have noticed the little image go up in my sidebar a few days ago but I forgot to mention it in a post at the time mainly because me and the images that go in the sidebar argue because after managing to get the image up it was far too late to post.

It’s a local craft fair mainly focusing on wool and fibres that held in Skipton. Well I say local, it’s actually about 40 minutes away by train but its still based in my lovely home county of Yorkshire and celebrates a lot of Yorkshire wool heritage. For more information I definitely recommend you visit the website: http://yarndale.co.uk/

The main reason I am excited is that it’s a day out with my knit and natter friends who I meet up with on a Thursday. I unfortunately missed the summer picnic so this will be my first real outing with everyone. It will be nice to spend more time with people and it sometimes feels like the 2 hours on Thursdays goes far too quickly.

Once again as I am on bed this is just a short one. As soon as this post goes up I shall be heading to the land of nod. Good night all.