Fun Friday: Theatre Review – Evita at Royal Opera House, York

Disclaimer: I feel I have to say straight away I’m not a huge fan of Evita. I went because the husband is a fan and had never had the chance to see it live.

I feel this is also a review of the Royal Opera House because I had never been before. We were sat in the circle and I must say the room was very spacious. The view was also very good, even though we paid for restricted view on one of the seats (see disclaimer above) my view was superb . It’s actually difficult to say what was restricted about the view. Also, unlike some theatres, even though we were on a higher level it remained a reasonable temperature. The bar was a little small and it took at least 15 minutes before we were served but the prices were reasonable. The same can be said of the concession ice creams. Unfortunately I’m writing this review about a couple of months after the actual show so can’t be sure of the actual prices but I think we paid about £1.50 for a large bottle of water (I think I remember this price from another production we went to see though, this will teach me to write more regularly, maybe )

The production we went to see was the national tour with Marti Pellow which is now settled in the West End. The basic story is of Eva Peron, a young woman from a forgotten family of a man already with a family to become the first woman of Argentina. It was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Most people would have been exposed to it in 1996 when a film was released staring Madonna and Antonio Banderas, at which point several of the songs sung by Madonna were in the Top 40. It was the film that my husband first saw and he in time showed it to me, which I had vaguely heard of but never seen. Whilst I enjoyed the film it didn’t become a favourite of mine, whilst my husband watches it at least once a year.

When he saw it advertised he immediately begged nagged whined asked very nicely if we could get tickets as he had missed the tour when it came to our Local theatre. I agreed, but was happier when I only paid £12 for my ticket due to the limited view.

So the actually production. There was a stand out moment. The woman who sang “Another Suitcase in Another Hall” had the most beautiful voice and for the handful of minutes she was on stage she had my full attention. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the other actors.

Marti Pellow, best known as the lead singer of Wet Wet Wet, was good but not outstanding. The female lead was so unmemorable I can’t remember her name (Edit: It’s Madalena Alberto. I did have to google it) There also appeared to be zero chemistry between the principle characters of Eva, Peron and Che. When the husband asked my what I thought my initial reaction was that I though Marti Pellow came across as some weird stalker. He said I was missing the point, that he was the narrator and an Everyman who was to blend into every scene. I didn’t miss the point, it was just very poor execution. Rather than blending in and giving more information, as that is what I believe a narrator should do, many times he was the main focus of a scene. Even when he tried to go into he background it was in such an exaggerated way you couldn’t help but notice him. For example, during Good Night and Thank You I would not consider his role or voice in the song to be the one to gain the most attention, yet he was swinging around the poles that supported the balcony and seemed to be almost shouting at points. It was irritating. This is also not a attack against Marti Pellow, I happen to quite like Wet Wet Wet, I just didn’t particularly have any fondest for him in this role. It also didn’t help that he appeared to wear the same clothes in each scene, when all the other characters had a costume change, and in Eva’s case several. It didn’t help him blend in, yet it didn’t define him as a character either.

In terms of Eva and Juan Peron there seemed to be zero interaction. We are suppose to believe that these two people are either in lust, in love r have a strong relationship for mutual gain. My recollection is that they spent the majority of time on stage at opposite ends, with as much space between them. The final scenes, where Eva is dying, also seemed to make him more cold and distant.

The stage design was, thankfully, simple yet effective. Two spiral staircases at both edges of the stage with a connecting balcony in the middle which could be pulled forward and moved back as the action required. It also became the beautiful centrepiece during Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, almost give. The effect that Eva was above the audience, rather than performing on a stage.

Whilst individual elements of his production were superb others were very disappointing. This production was never going to ignite my love for Evita.

2 out of 5 stars.


Fun Friday: Theatre Review; Avenue Q at Leeds Grand Theatre.

This is yet another production I went to see several weeks ago and never got round to writing the full review.

This was a bit of an unusual trip to the theatre for me because for a change it wasn’t with the husband, it was with a couple of the people from KNN. So technically I suppose that makes it a KNN outing!

I will admit that I heard of Avenue Q before I wasn’t entirely sure of all the songs or even the plotline. This made it all the more of a pleasure to watch, with new eyes. As with anyone, I presume, who goes to see this for the first time the idea of puppets been operated by people who can be seen, seems like a crazy idea. It only took about 2 songs for me to forget about the puppeteers and focus solely on Franklin, Kate Monster, etc. the only time I actually remembered that there where puppeteers when was Lucy The Slut was very obviously walking off stage in very loud high heels. Yes I admit it pulled me out of the moment a little bit, but not the to the point where it ruined the story.

My personal highlight were the bad idea bears. If you have no idea what I am talking about honestly go google it. The juxtaposition between the sweet, fluffy, cuddly bears with their sing song voices and the frank, rude, cruel, dangerous and outright bad things they were saying was just an icing on the cake. In a way they are becoming the unofficial mascots of the KNN group, every time one of us wants to buy yarn, or another coffee, or alcohol one of the others put on a bad idea bear voice to convince the other to do it. We are becoming very bad influences on each other.

But back to the review.

Other highlights was If You Were Gay, (the song I already knew) performed perfectly, a simple yet effective set, a fantastic cast, the shout out to skid row (as I said I wasn’t aware of any other songs), puppet sex (don’t ask for the details) and Schadenfreude which is my new favourite word and song.

There were only two major downfalls that I could see:-

1. A few of the American-ism went over my head. Yes I know that it is suppose to be a friendly homage/joke to Sesame Street bit I really don’t remember it been on that much in Britain so a couple of the jokes I might have completely missed. Also ditto Different Strokes and Gary Oldman.

2. Why did it only have a two day run? Yes this didn’t effect me because I manages to get a ticket, in fact a last minute heavily reduced ticket. It doesn’t appear to have got the advertisement to have drawn a crowd nor the time for word of mouth to work. Also the two days it was playing were Tuesday and Wednesday. Not usual theatre going days, such as Friday or Saturday or even Thursday matinee as there sometimes is. It was such a good production I truly think it could have handled a longer run (especially as Wicked now has something like a 8 week run at the same theatre)

All in all a great night was had by all and my spotify is getting hammered by the amount of time I am playing the soundtrack.

PS Once again this is a late posting due to a temperamental internet connection

Fun Friday: Gig Review: Katy Perry supported by Icona Pop at Sheffield Motorpoint Arena.

A week ago today I went to Sheffield Arena and saw Katy Perry. As is becoming more common with my Gig Reviews this wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Whilst I enjoyed a couple of songs from One of the Boys I could not stand the majority of Teenage Dream and really, really dislike California Gurls. Just ugh.

However when my friend have my a free ticket I thought why not. And was actually was really looking forward to seeing Icona Pop. Whilst I only really knew one song of theirs, they really did get the crowd warmed up and I am now liking their songs like mad on spotify.



Here’s a good point to show how excited my work bestie was.


As I said I was looking forward to the night but she was hyperventilating with excitements at some points. And at some point in the night I got swept up too!

The show was split into parts, something even I was aware of as Ms Perry had posted this to her Instagram.


Just my personal opinion but I enjoyed the Egyptian section the most. It also had the most unusual backing dancer I had ever seen in the form of hugely distorted Egyptian Mummies. I couldn’t get any clear photos of them but if you can google then the. I would highly recommend having a gander. The golden horse was pretty impressive too.


I also admit I squee’ed at something probably no one else even noticed in the course of the show. At one point Katy entered the stage on a Giant Purple Ball of Wool! With HUGE knitting needles! Unfortunately this was the best photo I could get of it.


The internet doesn’t really have any pictures either. It was also during this section I became slightly convince that I had somehow ended up at a production of Cats. You know the musical one. With tap dancing cats. Singing about Memory. Well honestly if you were there you would have felt the same.

Katy Perry has also been criticised in the past for her shaky vocals whilst singing live but I can honestly say that I didn’t notice any flat or bum notes. This could have especially stood out in the acoustic section of the night but if anything the singing became stronger. I especially like the mash up between The One That Got Away and Thinking of You in this section.

All in all a fantastic night was had. The only decision that I have made is that I am now too old to stand at large concerts. In total we were stood in an area that we were unable to move from for about 4 hours.

Here have some more pictures!




Fun Friday: The Problem with Sequels.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. Some Films do not need sequels. And some films that get sequels I wouldn’t call the sequels sequels.

Let me explain before I write myself into a corner. The Avengers is probably the best example to use. It is not a sequel to Ironman, Thor, Captain America, et al, it is a film based in the same universe, using the same characters but it is not a sequel. I would even go so far as to say to say that Ironman 3 doesn’t feel like a sequel to the first 2 because it doesn’t feel like it’s a continuation of the story. On the other hand whilst I had concerns that Captain America 2 would not be a sequel to the first the way it was handled made it feel like a sequel. I hope my definitions are slightly clearer now.

The whole reason that I have gone on this mini rant is How to Train your Dragon 2. After watching the first film, the credits rolled and I announced to the husband “That is a film that doesn’t need a sequel”. I paused for a moment and then added “I bet it will though.” It was such a success that the sequel is due out sometime in May but it is already getting huge advertisements here in England. And the reason it didn’t need a sequel? It was fine as it was! Please don’t let it succumb to the horror of poorer sequels that tarnish the original. There are plenty of films that are let down by bad sequels. Pirates of Caribbean franchise gets worse as it gives along and even a hardcore Alien fan disowns Alien: Resurrection (although I admit I have a soft spot for Alien 3 because it’s like a game of spot the British actor)

I think I would cry if some films got sequels. (Disney I’m mainly looking at you here) Could you imagine someone deciding to do a sequel to Up!. Would we want a sequel to Brave where Meridia becomes queen? And most recently Frozen. Even Finding Dory I’m a bit wary of and thank the stars Disney went for a prequel with Monsters University. It works in other non-Disney films as well. Thank goodness Tarentino has never decided to cash in and do a sequel to Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. What direction could you take for a film like Schindlers List ? Would you want to see the sequel to Green Mile.


But I’m slowly coming round to the idea of a sequel to How to Train you Dragon. There are 2 main reasons:-

1. I haven’t got an idea of a plot yet and won’t completely slate a film until I at least have an idea of what the plot is. I may not want a sequel but I won’t dislike it without seeing it first.

2. It’s nice to see the characters have been aged slightly. Another bug bear I have is when characters are exactly the same age and look even though years have passed.

I could many hours discussing this subject, in fact have spent many hours discussing this very subject with family and friends, but what I would like to know now is your opinion. What is your thought on sequels, stories in the same universe and stories that do not need sequels?

Fun Friday: Gig Review; Manic Street Preachers

Here’s some honesty: I’m not a huge fan of the Manic Street Preachers. However I won the tickets in a competition and I’m not going to turn down free tickets to any gig.

Let’s start with the warm up act, The Eagulls.

Hmmm, where to start. I’m gonna write as if I’m actually speaking to them. Boys I really wanted to like you, I really, really did. You were a local band that were part of the post-punk scene. However I don’t know if it was the venue or something else but I didn’t feel we connected. And I don’t even want to lie and say “it’s not you, it’s me”. For all I know it could be a combination of things. It did appear your second guitarist was having some issues with his kit and spent most of your set talking to the tech/sound guys. Lead singer you also kinda reminded me as a weird love child between Jarvis Cocker and Noël Gallagher who was heavily influenced by Kurt Cobain. (Cockers long arms and graceful inelegance, Gallaghers stage presence and Cobains voice (or maybe I’m wrong)) . Either way boys I wish you the best I’m not sure I will ever call myself a fan of your music.

Now the main act. I’ve already admitted I wasn’t a huge fan and it wasn’t my top priority to buy tickets, but when I got a pair for free I wasn’t going to turn down going.

And honestly I had a great time, even with the crowd been a bit empty.

The issue I had wasn’t that I didn’t have a good time, or didn’t recognised the songs, or even was just bored but I had an awfully long day at work and only had 3 hours notice to pick up the tickets. So after a stressful day at work, a rush to pick up the tickets and then finally running to the arena I just didn’t feel engaged enough to appreciate it like I normally would. When I’m going to a gig I normally plan out the day and build up my excitement. I couldn’t do that for this gig and in hindsight it means I think I was a little too tires, stressed and mentally still at work to fully appreciate the gig.

The one good thing that did come out of it was my husband appreciation. As I have said previously while we both like a wide range of music the stuff we actually listen to on a day to day basis is very different and agreeing on something to listen to together can be difficult. However we have now added Manic Street Preachers to the list of bands we will listen to together.

And to leave you with my (very poor quality) video of my favourite song.

Fun Friday: Gig Review; Al Stewart and Dave Nacmanoff

So I have been meaning to do this for a while. A quick google has actually shown me I went to this gig on 13th October 2013 so that really makes me feel bad. Especially as in the end I had such a fantastic night.

Let me explain. My husband and I like all music yet the things we will listen to on a daily basis is very different. More often than not I will be listening to the local radio station. If I do put on music unlike most of my generation I will put a CD on. Husband is more likely to listen to songs on shuffle off our vast collection on the computers. That means I’m more likely to listen to what is considered the Top 40 or if one of my CDs then some sort of Rock. Husband really likes Dance music for during the day but listens to more country or folk later in the day. This is where Al Stewart comes in.

Husband will listen to Al Stewart all the time. I kinda only knew Year of the Cat and even then I could have only had a half hearted attempt at singing the title song. So when he heard he was touring England and was coming to a city vaguely close (it was still an hour away on the train) he immediately snapped up tickets. I agreed to go with him but it was more for the experience rather than because I was a fan. (Sorry!)

The venue was Northern Royal College of Music which, whilst a little difficult to find the main entrance to, was a very nice venue. The actual room we were in gave everyone a great view and I think the sound travelled well. It was a little hard to judge exactly the acoustics because we were sat in the orchestra area. As there was no band, it was truly an acoustic set, they added extra seating for the audience. And boy was it needed. It appeared that it was a sold out event.

Up until this point I’ve mainly been talking about Al Stewart but you you see in the title another name, Dave Nachmanoff. He was, I suppose, the warm up act, yet he was so much more than that. Yes he came out first and performed some of his solo work but he also was part of the main act. However what I would say is go seek out his solo work, here is the link to his website. I especially liked “Fragile Thing”. He was also so kind after the show stopped to have his photo with me.


As for the main show it was really enjoyable and had some beautiful scripted and unscripted comic moments. The little dialogue describing how Al Stewart was the inventor of rap music was genius, especially with the attempts at beat boxing. The crowd also felt inclined to join in, with one yelling “Al you are a musical god” without a beat been missed his reply was “No, you will find that is Eric Clapton.” Perfection. It felt more like a dialogue with the audience rather than talking to the audience.

They are touring England again later in the year and whilst they wouldn’t be first on my list to get tickets for I would go again.

Fun Friday: Breakfast TV

I’ve been watching breakfast TV quite a lot this week and it brings up conversations for the entire day.

Even today they’ve had a serious discussion on the outcomes of the badger culling (FYI: it didn’t appear to be very effective) with the ever eloquent Brian May (FYI: not sarcasm, I genuinely think Brian May is one of the nicest people and very intelligent. He also seems to put a great deal of thought into everything he says), a discussion of the worlds largest air craft funded by the lead singer of Iron Maiden and lots of pretty pictures of the Northern Lights. And this is the point I am making. With Breakfast TV you never know what you are going to wake up to.

I can think of a couple of times there were exceptions, such as 9/11 or the night Princess Diana died. Both these times, even though I was a child, I turned on the morning TV and these stayed on the TV all day not just at Breakfast. You can tell though that even as a child we watched breakfast TV or occasionally the radio, and I think this is where my habit formed.

As I said at the beginning though Breakfast TV set us up for the day. How many times have you started a conversation with friends, family or work colleagues with the words “I saw on the TV this morning…” or “Did you listen to the radio this morning?” Even on Tuesday evening my husband came home and said “Did you catch BBC Breakfast this morning?” I had that morning and knew exactly which bit of the show he was going to talk to me about.

There was a segment on BBC Breakfast about the international TV fair that was been held. It was mainly about how British TV shows were dominating the international market, either in their original format, such as Top Gear, Downton Abbey and Sherlock, or been adapted, such as Strictly Come Dancing in Panama or Come Dine With Me in India. The whole segment seemed to promote the international element of TV yet at the same time highlighting that American TV has taken a decline at the moment. It gave no indication of why American TV was suffering a decline but if I was to offer an opinion then I would say it has more advert breaks than the average European show. Just as an example the BBC has no adverts and the average half hour show on ITV (the main commercial channel) has somewhere between 5-7 minutes of adverts. Based on the length of half hour comedies from America, Big Bang Theory I’m looking at you, there can be anywhere between 10 and 12 minutes of adverts, almost double what we are use to.

However none of the above was the reason that my husband mentioned the segment. It was because of one tiny throwaway line, the interviewer asked a Finnish TV Executive what the number one import was from British TV. His reply: Heartbeat! Let me explain. Heartbeat is no longer produced in the Uk, it was axed in 2009 but the final episodes were filmed long before. Heartbeat was a major part of my childhood, Sunday nights, hot Chocolate, Heartbeat and going to bed when the theme music of London’s Burning started. It was also set in my home county of Yorkshire. This meant not only did I recognised the places they were talking about but I could visit them on trips to the seaside.


Didn’t we make a cute family?


Me on the road where The Royal, Heartbeats spin off show, was filmed.

To know that something I hold dear (warning dear reader, mock me at your peril. Even though both Heartbeat and The Royal are uncool/naff/for old people I hold them dear and will defend them) is still been appreciated in another country makes me feel warm. It also gives me a sense of hope.

I read about Amazon resurrecting Ripper Street after it was cancelled by the BBC (Also I set the link to the BBC website, it’s fun sometimes to see the irony, they cancelled a show only for it to be bought by another company) To be fair Ripper Street was only cancelled in December and not several years ago but the thought that with enough support a TV show can be brought back. It did actually happen recently with Birds of a Feather, ironically enough also lost by the BBC to another channel.

So really I’ve just gone on a bit of a ramble. But my point still stands, Breakfast TV creates conversation for the day, sometimes it even inspires blog posts.

Fun Friday: I’m every knitter, the yarns all for me!

I saw this article and it got me thinking.

Is it right to judge anyone who picks up knitting needles?

The article seems positive overall but a few lines stood out.

“It helps with stress as well – knitting is the new mediation or yoga.”

Two things about this quote bugs me. Firstly, is it just men who deal with stress? No. I will put my hand on my heart and say I knit so I don’t kill people (I have that quote on a badge on my bag, I want it on a t-shirt and if I wasn’t such a scaredy cat I would have it as a tatto) knitting is my stress buster and the last time I checked I wasn’t male. Secondly it’s the new mediation or yoga. Right hmmm, I’m trying to think of way to respond that doesn’t sound bitchy but that statement makes it sound like a fad. Yes figures overall are showing an upward trend on people taking up knitting and that is fantastic news. It would be a terrible shame to see something like knitting disappear as a skill. But the above quote makes it sound like something people are doing just to seem cool. I knit. I am a proud knitter. It doesn’t mean it’s cool. It also makes me think what will happen when it suddenly become unpopular again. I feel yarn will go the way of all those unused exercise mats and aerobics DVDs – the back of the wardrobe never to be seen again.

Aside from the occasional funny look on public transport – more often than not from women

For some reason this line jarred with me. Once again I feel like saying this applies to all knitters not just the male ones. Also to add to the above when knitting is no longer de rigueur anymore it will become even more of a reason for people to stop and stare. I’ve been working at my new job about 2 months now and I still have people who stop and ask me what I am doing, and people who ask me of a daily basis are you still working on that one item. (The answer is yes, always yes, I’m not the worlds fastest knitter. The point I’m trying to make is that most of the people staring (ignoring the woman part because that winds me up for a totally separate sexist reason) is that people are staring because they are interested most of the time. It’s not a negative staring it’s a a intrigued stare.

the advantages of being a male knitter, the first of which is never being expected to make baby clothes, though admits there are occupational hazards; for example being treated like a shoplifter whenever you try to buy yarn

This final quote just makes me want to headdesk. Are men expected not to like children/babies? Are women suppose to just want to knit baby clothes? RAGE! I don’t like children. I’ve made this clear in my real life. My husband on the other hand loves children and children seem to really like him too. When we go to visit my goddaughter he is the one making goo goo noises while I stand there asking when will she be old enough for rational conversation. That doesn’t mean I don’t make knitted clothes for her because they are adorable. Equally my husband buys her gifts all the time as well and would make her presents if he had half an idea what to do with yarn and needles. Just rage at stereotypical gender roles.

And the whole feeling like a shoplifter in a wool shop. I don’t know what type of wool shop these men have been visiting but custom is custom. The only thing making a customer feeling uncomfortable accomplishes is ensuring that they don’t become a regular customer. The only comparison I can think of that fits the stupid stereotypes is my tiny female self going into a computer store and made to feel uncomfortable because “I’m a girl and girls know nothing about computers”. It reminds me of hathe time I was working at a supermarket in the electrical department. A man in his mid forties came up to me asking for the specifics of a certain television. As I opened my mouth to give him the details he proceeded to tell me that I obviously didn’t understand what he was wanting and wanted a male manager. I stood silent for a moment and then dutifully got my male manager. Who subsequently informed him he had no idea what the specs on the tv was but I would be more than able to help him. I then put the icing on the cake when he bought the 40″ TV by carrying it out to his car, all 5 foot 3 inches, 8 stone wet through, of me.

So the whole point of this is rant post is to say if you wanna knit you do it unless your doing it for fashion in which case I’m totally judging you and if you happen to be male, kudos to you. Just don’t expect me to make a big deal of it.

Fun Friday – Lovely weather for ducks and crafters.

The stereotypical British weather is back in full force today. By which, using the common expression in these parts, it’s pissing it down.

And I am so happy!

This might seem a bit strange as us British has reputation for complaining about the rain. Well let me explain my personal take on it.

We like to complain. Especially about the weather. Most of all about the rain. But it’s because it’s comfortable.

Let me explain a little more about the weather here in the north. Unlike those lucky Londoners (which lets face it most of the weather reports in the national papers and tv reports are aimed at) here in the north we have a bit of reputation for been damp and dreary whole they can experience highs of 22 (that’s 72 for my Fahrenheit friends).

Rain is the standard whether for most of the year. Yet when I arrive at work today there were cries of “have you seen the weather today!” Erm yes it’s raining, came my slightly befuddled reply. Lots of other comments followed. “Well that’s the end of summer” “wasn’t it dark this morning” and, my personal favourite, “it’ll do the plants good”. “Lovely weather for ducks” is also used as well sometimes.

These are all standard comment when it stars raining. And most are said to imply that the rain is a negative thing. Even though its said as a complaint what you need to understand is we are just making conversation. Even though it sounds like a complaint everyone brought either a brolly or a waterproof coat. Even though for once the weather report was right and it started raining on the day it was suppose to, rather than a day early.

In short the British like to complain. Just like I’m having a rant about people complaining about the weather. I’ll even join in on occasions and moan along with everyone else. But inside I’m delighted.

Why? Because it means I can snuggle up at home and craft. Yes I know I can do this at all the other times of year by it feels special at that time when the nights are jut starting to get darker, the weathers getting a little colder and the food a little more heartier. And that is my grand plan for the night. Good food, warm blankets and good knitting.

Fun Friday – Theatre review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I really need to keep on top of my reviews more.

Now I’ll never do serious reviews. It’s very rare that I go see a film, or a gig or a play that I dislike. I normally go because I know I like it already or because I’ve heard really good things about it from someone who knows me and recommends it.

So in that vein – ROCKY WAS AMAZING! The production was flawless, the cast superb and the audience participation original.

Another moment please excuse – I SAW SGT. CRADDOCK IN A THONG! This sentence will make very little sense to the majority of the population of the world but let me explain. When I was younger every Sunday a show called Heartbeat was on ITV at 8pm (Before it had to be known as ITV1 because they now have more than one channel). We would sit down as a family and watch the show and then me and my sister, and then later my brother, had to go to bed at 9pm to be ready for school in the morning. Also that is the time of watershed and we were never allowed to watch the show after called Londons Burning. It’s funny the things you remember when your a kid right? Anyway one of the characters in this show was called Sgt. Craddock. And I may have gotten a little excited when I realised that he would be The Narrator in RHPS. And I pretty much fell off my chair at the end during the encore when he whipped off his trousers a la strippers Velcro style to reveal a sequinned red thong ( I would like to make it clear during the encore I wasn’t sitting down, I was dancing I just used fell off my chair as a indication of my shock)

So other plus points – I really liked the expansion of Rocky’s character. Giving him a few lines, and actually the funniest, made him have a better stage presence than a silent rocky would have done. They also handled Rocky not having a mike very well as well. While the rest of the cast were miked Rocky used a handheld glitter one that was used as a prob when not needed but it wasn’t obtrusive like it could have been. Danni Harman and Sam Attwater were also great as Janet and Brad. But the best casting was definitely Oliver Thornton as Frank-N-Furter. I must admit I had never heard of him before but his presence carried the whole production.

Negative points – the woman playing Magenta was replaced in the interval. It was a little jarring as the woman standing in had a very different vocal style. Also Danni Harman as wonderful as she is was approximately 2 foot shorter than the rest of the cast. In this case I would have put her in lager heeled shoes but it appeared she was in the smallest. It did look more comical than it should of especially from the balcony where we were sat. And a small niggle. While Oliver Thornton was amazing I should never, ever look at Frank-N-Furter and think he is more feminine than me. But that may just be jealousy.

All in all it was a great night and I can’t wait to do the time warp again.