Stitching Saturday: Thy Shall Not Covet (a fellow knit and natter’s jumper)

Geez a month since I last blogged. I could complain about life taking up all my time again but you’ve heard it all before.

So instead I’m going to tell you the story of a jealous knitter and the desire of a yarn hoarder and the selfishness of a crafter. And just in case you can’t tell, all of the above are the same person. Namely me.

I’m sure by now you are aware on Thursdays I attend a local Knit and Natter where we knit, drink coffee and try to put the world to rights (occasionally none of these things happen but we do try). We are on Ravelry if anyone is interested. Back in the autumn one of our members joined a knit along. She showed us the pattern and we all oooh-ed and awwww-ed and then squished squishy wool when she showed us the yarn she would be using. The whole way along as it was growing I knew it was going to be a gorgeous finished jumper.

And then it was finished.

And I was jealous!

It didn’t feel right to be jealous (and I may have not mentioned it to anybody at KNN because they already think I’m crazy I don’t need to give them anymore ammunition) especially as if I really really wanted to I could make something exactly the same. At this point the rational side of my brain knew that this was just crazy talk and I didn’t want an identical jumper but a spark had been lit in my brain and I really, really wanted a snuggle houndstooth jumper.

And then this landed in my inbox. Honestly Wool & The Gang it’s like you have a secret little window into my mind. Look how houndtoothy it is! And with nice red accents, I like what you did there W&tG. Biggest problem? It’s a mans jumper.

Damn and blast! This led to a multiple of thoughts that pretty much all ran along side one another something like:

– I could make myself a mans jumper Your have a hundred jumpers you haven’t made for yourself yet
– I could make husband the jumper Yeah right you haven’t finished husbands first jumper yet and be honest you would just “borrow” it permanently
– I could do a Ravelry search YAY RAVELRY

So I hunted on Ravelry as the most reasonable way of finding a pattern I liked without stepping on our knitters toes (which honestly I didn’t think she would mind if I used the same pattern as her, as most likely than not I would change the colours). So I went onto Ravelry and spent in total what must have been about 5 hours trying to find a pattern that was a bit like the W&tG design but would fit my body a bit better. It didn’t find anything.

I was most disappointed.

However as I sat half knitting, half lost in my own thoughts, half vaguely watching whatever was on the tv I came to the conclusion that I probably have enough patterns to last me more than my lifetime and I should be happy with this. And beside the patterns I also have enough wool to last me more than several lifetimes at the rate I knit. I did also vaguely think about trying to use up the stash I have before I buy anymore just due to the size of said stash (if I think about it too much and start using words like diet, or cutting back or restrictions then I just buy impulsively but that’s another blog for another day)

Well this morning I was browsing (not buying browsing, honestly!) and I decided to have a look in their free patterns and what do I find?


I can just see it knitted up now but I think I would changed it slightly to make the cuffs a bright red like the W&tG design. As much as I do like this design I am thinking I may wait until the end of the year to buy the wool for it. Why?

Well honestly I’ve been thinking about it again and I do have a large number of items all ready to knit. Do I really want to add something else to the never ending list? And back to the original jumper that was made by the fellow knit and natter. Did I like it because I thought it would look good on me? Well yes but I know I also liked it because I had seen the hard work that had gone into it, how much time had been spent choosing a pattern and a yarn, the sense of community it had created by been part of a knit along and the conversation it had created between me and my friends. Because that’s what the ladies at Knit and Natter are now. They are my friends who I found through our mutual insanity love of knitting. So my dear friends yes I occasionally want to steal your jumpers but know it is out of love and not just out of greed.


KNN Thursday: Knitting Accessories

What sort of knitter are you? Well if I was to label myself I would definitely be unorganised. As much as my stash is perfectly ordered and I actually twitch if my threads are place out of numerical order, me and my knitting accessories have a strained relationship.

Take this evening for instance; I arrive at KNN and immediately have to ask to borrow a tape measure. I own 3 tape measures. I spent 15 minutes this morning looking for a tape measure and couldn’t find one. So I borrowed one to measure the rough tension square I was working on (Good News, my tension was spot on). Then when I got home spent another 15 minutes with the husband looking again. I did manage to find one in the end but the location of two are still unknown.

The extra annoying thing is this morning all I needed was a tape measure yet managed to find a pair of scissors I was convinced I had left at work and my stitch markers which I hadn’t had opportunity to use yet and still have no need for on this project. However when it comes to actually needing a pair of scissors or my stitch markers you can guarantee they will have taken a stroll and I will be unable to find them.

It’s also thanks to KNN that I actually have any accessories left. If by some miracle I find the cable needles/stitch markers/buttons I need you can be sure when it comes to me leaving that I will leave said accessory on the table and one of lovely ladies will pick it up and care for the neglected accessory for a week.

I’ve even tried things like trying to keep all the accessories in one place or keep them all in the project bag of the main project but it just doesn’t seem to keep me organised. I’m going to have to learn to live with been s scatter brain. It’s lucky I have such an organised KNN group that I can borrow accessories from!

KNN Thursday: Hayfever, coughs and a pesky little frog!

The hayfever is me, the cough is the husband. I’m vaguely controlling my hayfever but the tree pollen count has been a little high recently so it’s felt like an uphill battle. The husband is not doing so good. This cough seems to have come from nowhere and it’s knocked him for six. Unfortunately this means I will get another broken night of sleep. We will battle the hideous symptoms together.

However tonight is Thursday so I did visit all the lovely people at KNN even with my hideous hayfever! One unexpected guest turned up again though – Mr Frog! I started to repair the frogging I did to Little Vine only to have to undo it all again! AGAIN! I need to find this little froggy and teach him a lesson. Or pay more attention when I’m knitting. One of the two.

I’ve also been feeling the urge to pick up a smaller needle the last day or two. Hopefully this means that Tut will get some work (have just realised he hasn’t had an update since this post in February, this makes me feel very bad). Even though beloved Tut hasn’t had any work I have also had my eye turned by this beauty. I am a huge fan of all Heaven and Earth Designs but am a little daunted by their size. As the husband often says my stash is for retirement so maybe they can be added to my retirement fund!

Hopefully my motivation to pick up a smaller needle will result in a few more update posts. If not I’m hoping for a craft shop browse tomorrow so maybe there will be stash enhancement retirement find pictures.

KNN Thursday: Say hello!


Ok this was taken a couple of weeks ago but the KNN is getting a bit bigger, hence all the cups (side note I was in a foul mood the week I took this and was rather surprised none of then shouted at me for been a grumpy got).

It’s so great to have a KNN group for moral support with tricky things. They even had the patience to teach this long term Hooker to knit. And now for a bit of self promotion. We are on Ravelry and Facebook. We welcome everyone and the only real rule is Costa is kind enough for us to use their space so please buy a drink from them. Now the self promotion is over….

Most of these lovely ladies (we do accept male members but we don’t have any currently) are attempting Celestarium and I think they are very brave. Or possibly insane? I’m never sure which of the two. Then again there is the phrase:

Bravery is by far the kindest word for Insanity

We had a bit of a quiet meeting this week due to Easter. This wasn’t a bad thing, or even a good thing. I’m just stating that this week was quiet. And even two of the three people were working in Celestarium. And I wasn’t one of the two. I mentioned this to the husband when I got home and he wanted to see it. And he thinks it would be “Awesome, and epic, and…wow, awesome!” and now I think I may soon be joining in the insanity.

Finally even if you don’t want to look at us on Ravelry, or Facebook or even read my posts about our lovely group please, please check out Darkdreamer especially her colour work jumper. A lot of hard work went into a very splendid jumper!

KNN Thursday – It May Be Winter Outside..,,

….but in my heart it’s spring to quote Love Unlimited.

It may seem that nothing has changed since yesterday but it has. It’s one more day closer to Yarndale. And it’s Yarndale putting the Spring in my heart. I just can’t wait to go buy lots of lovely treats. Mainly because I’ve run out of portable projects.

Let me explain.

Tut’ is on a roller. I’m currently standing on my morning commute. I barely have enough space for me let alone a big roller and my threads and chart. It’s much better just to leave him at home.

Alternatively I’m making my cousin a crochet scatter cushion for her newly redecorated bedroom. I could bring that along but I’m using a 500g ball of Aran for that. Far to heavy to be lugging about all day.

So the only on the go project I have at the moment is my minis. Which if you count up I actually only have 3 projects on the go. It must be the lowest amount ever for me.

So I can’t wait to go to Yarndale to buy wool for all the projects I want to make but just don’t have any wool for yet. KNN tonight will just revolve around Yarndale talk me thinks.

And so to end with: 9 MORE SLEEPS TILL YARNDALE!

P.S. Apologies to all who heard me singing Love Unlimited this morning. I know I’m not the worlds greatest signing and it was a horrible rainy morning but I really couldn’t help myself.