KNN Thursday: The Curse of the Frog.

I have two types of frog this week: one of the throat variety, which has actually wiped me out for 3 weeks (it’s possibly more of a frog flu but I’m going to be positive) and one of the knitting.

The first frog has meant that I have missed many, many weeks of knitting club due to not actually been able to get out of bed for a few days (hence why it possible may have been frog flu) and for the last week only have enough energy to go to work and then come home and straight to bed.

I’ve also tried not to let the first frog intervene with the things I enjoy such as knitting but it’s been a bit difficult.

Take for example my knitting that lives at work. They are a pair of socks, on 2mm needles, that have cables, and are been made for the husband.


So yeah, that was too much of a headache for my frog addled head. So I decided to knit at home in bed with chunky needles. The only chunky thing I have on needles at the moment is also another project for the husband, but this time a jumper.


This has suffered more greatly than the poor socks due to me actually having to frog as I ended up shifting one row up making the pattern wobble.

I am also sorry to report it is that time of year again where I start to blog about something else: Lent.

It actually started on 18th February this year so you have managed to miss my complaining updates for the first two weeks.

As last year I’ve given up fizzy drinks but I’ve also agreed to join my sister this year and give up chocolate as well. This isn’t such a big deal for me as I normally prefer a savoury snack over chocolate but did cause a small….thing at my work today. I say thing because it was not quite an argument but I did feel like I had to defend myself. As I’m sure most places of work do (or at least the majority of places I’ve worked) when it is someone’s birthday snacks, usually some sort of cake, are brought in to celebrate. Well today someone brought in treats for there birthday but all contained chocolate in one form or another. After been asked several times by several people to go get a snack or been brought them over and declining them (politely) one person was insistent I had to eat something or it would be rude. At this point I informed the person I had given up chocolate for Lent. Apparently this is enough to warrant a barrage of questions and statements, leading me to feel I was been attacked.

All in all it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences but my main feeling was one of anger. Would someone who informed they were on a diet be subjected to the same or similar questions? What about other religious beliefs?

Unfortunately after defending my personal choice to follow Lent, I felt even worse and would have loved to have cheered myself up with a slice of chocolate roll, especially with my voice hoarse and running a temperature. So for the first time since Lent started I have wanted some chocolate. I didn’t think Lent would be as hard as last year but been ill really does make it more of a challenge, especially giving up something that is a comfort when ill.


Top Ten Tuesday: 10 reasons Easter is fantastic!

Easter weekend is nearly here so I’d thought I’d celebrate with a list.

10. The mornings are brighter and the nights are shorter.

Ok so technically this is a Spring thing but I only really start to notice it this week. Maybe it’s because It felt like the clocks changed later this year but bright mornings make me feel better for the day.

9. Better Weather

Honestly this is as separate point. You can have the sun rising earlier but it can still be drizzling. But this week, The week before Easter it’s really brightened up. I’ve put away the big woollen winter coat and rainjackets and have managed to just wear a cotton jacket and been comfortable on my walk to work. Please let the nice weather stay.

8. Easter bonnets

Did you ever do this at school? I know I did.


(I’m the one in the bonnet if you didn’t guess)

And talking about putting children in stupid outfits….

7. Easter outfits


From here. Ok so less stupid and more very, very cute.

6. Easter holiday

I have a feeling Americans call this Spring Break. Whatever it’s called it means that children and students get 2 whole weeks (here in the UK) to enjoy the first sun of the year (or for those with exams spend 13 days in the library and then cram two weeks of fun into one day)

5. Passover

Ok so I know j was talking about Easter but let’s make this diverse. Passover started yesterday evening and it will fit into Point 1 below.

4. Easter Egg Hunts

Who doesn’t like to spend a couple of hours (or more) looking for….

3. Chocolate Easter Eggs

Yes I know how childish but I don’t care. Easter egg chocolate is the best thing ever. Especially if you have up chocolate for Lent.

2. Time for Reflection

I couldn’t write about Easter without mentioning the true meaning. Yes it’s not a big part of it for me but I will go to Church and just take a moment to reflect on…well everything.

1. Family Time

As my family gets older we seem to spend less time together. Yet we make an effort for occasions over the year. So this Easter I will be sitting down to a Easter dinner with my immediate family (possibly minus the husband who may be working 😞) and we will drink, eat and be merry. And the add to the fun adults also get two bank holidays to make it an extra special long weekend, so it’s not just the children who have time off. This means I get to spend Friday and Saturday with my little sister and Sunday with the family. Hopefully I will also have time on Monday to see a friend. So I get to see all my favourite people in one weekend.

Isn’t Easter just the best?

Stitching Sunday: The London Marathon

Today is a lovely day, bright, clear but not too warm. Perfect for runners and crafters alike. I have huge admiration for all the people running today, whether for personal achievement, for a charity or a loved one. I know the chances of me are virtually zero. I just don’t have the stamina. However #getinspired has inspired me.

A long time ago (long,long,long,long,long time ago in a galaxy called Newcastle) my Daddy ran the Great North Run. More than once. The pictures of him crossing the finishing line use to have pride of place on the mantle piece when I was little. Then us children came along and had events like birthdays, and christenings and in my case a graduation and my Daddy got replaced on the mantle piece. Even the dog got a picture. The result is that my Dad now has no pictures in frames in the house. The pictures of him crossing the finish line now reside in the dusty loft, out of sight, out of mind. And my Daddy well he’s nearly 50 now and well, he’s put on a bit of weight.

However recently he’s decided to do something about this and has taken up distance bike riding. And if he can do it I can do.

I made a promise to myself to get fitter at the beginning of the year and today I’ve decide to make a little better on that resolution.

Knitting is still going to be my main priority though. 😊

Lent update: We are more than halfway there people and with all the marathon talk above I’ve realised that Lent is a little bit like a marathon. The first few days feel great with the roar of the crowd, then the next few days you find your pace, everyone has a day when they hit “the wall” and want to crumble and then you get to a day like today, where you can see the finish line and you know at the end your going to have a great sense of achievement.

I think I maybe getting into the marathon metaphor a bit too much.

WIP Wednesday: Look at all the goodies!

So this is less of an update on what’s in progress and more of a look at all the pretty things I’ve bought.

As I mentioned yesterday a parcel got delivered. My husband said it was about the size and weight of a five year old. I didn’t quite believe him. Until I saw itself that is.

It was huge.

Wanna look at all the pretties?



I’ve already nicknamed this one my ice cream. Sound daft but it just remind me of summer and it would make a great little vintage style summer dress.


This is to make some Christmas decoration for me and my Mam. I will show then when they are completed.




I think it’s fair to say I have a little obsession with these colours.



And these will hopefully make some lovely blouses.


And this shall be a basic dress with WOW! Made from a pattern from these lovelies!


How really, really spoilt am I? (And on a side note how amazing was last nights Bee?)

Then in Scarborough I got these goodies!





So much! I am one very lucky girl!

There was also an amazing little shop just on the Main Street where I got this.



Go visit them. The whole shop is a treasure trove. They even have a working antique singer which is divine.

Finally, it still isn’t block but I’ve decided I just can’t wait to show it off any longer. Here is the "hideous pink cardie" as I have nicknamed it.





Lent Update: no idea what day I’m on. No longer craving coke. Been a little easier than I thought.


WIP Wednesday: Simplicity K2250

Good Morning, WordPressers! Yes it may only be 8:15 but it is a wonderful morning and I am in good spirits. Ok so it’s actually a really really foggy morning but it’s not putting a dampener on my mood.

I finally seemed to shift the cold I’d gained from my lovely new colleagues and had a good nights sleep. I’ve still got a little cough but no longer a bright red nose or sound really hoarse. When I woke up this morning I even did my exercise DVD and home of the household chores that had built up. But most excitedly I got to work on my sewing machine.

Have I introduced my brother?


Yes he’s basic but I love him all the same. He was a gift for my 21st birthday and like the traditional gifts of a 21st I will keep him forever.

So onto the pattern. I know I gave what was a little sneak peek photo the other day but I suppose I should start with the pattern.


Sorry for the poor quality photo.

I’m not making the dress but the jacket. There are a couple of reasons for this. The jacket has no buttonholes or zippers to insert making my life easier. This is the first time I’m using my sewing machine in about 18 months and I want to just remember the basics again. Also the dress has a beautiful yet complicated wrap to the front and back. And finally I somehow ended up with two copies of this pattern so even if I completely mess this up I still have a spare, which is lucky because looking at the Simplicity Website it looks like the pattern is discontinued.

So onto the sewing.


Yes my darts are wonky. Yes the left one in the photo, but the right hand side of the jacket, is deeper than the right. Yes it looks like I’ve somehow not managed to match the two sides at all, even the colour looks different! But I don’t care because I’m genuinely having fun.

I did decided to do something a little easier for the next stage though and make the belt.


All 240cm of it. The picture does not do it justice. And it was sewing the right sides together and then turning it inside out. I think i over estimated how much I could complete in half hour.

As they say in the stitching world, I think I’ve found my bug!

Lent Updates: 7 days down, 33 to go. I’m not really craving coca cola and the moment and found an fantastic lunchtime alternative in Iced Tea. Yummy but less calories and not carbonated.

WIP Wednesday: 1st day of Lent

Remember my good intentions to give you all a full update today? Well it will have to wait.

I did get a little bit done on my sewing pattern but I don’t have the details to hand so I think it will have to be another day.


It was a glorious day on Monday though so I just had to share this photo.

Also after all the pancake goodness yesterday Lent has started. At first I was like “Maybe I can give up buying yarn” but then I saw this…


Yeah that’s me.

And I also had a very dear friend as me to make Feathers McGraw (link to ravelry). I had a bit of suitable yarn in my stash but not enough so really I have to go wool shopping!

So what else could I give up for Lent? Well I thought about bagels because they are responsible for my bagel belly but they are my favourite breakfast meal. Then I considered the internet but I need it for work. And my baby sister has just gone to The Dark Side (Warrington, Did I mention previously I’m a proud Yorkshire woman?) so we now use the internet/skype/Facebook to talk so I wouldn’t want to give it up at the moment.

So in the end I choose coke cola. My biggest weakness and only vice.

Day 1: No coke. No cravings as yet but is only 9am.

Wish me luck.