Mini Monday: Knitting Takes Over

I’m on the commuter train to work desperately trying to find a tissue for my running nose. Didn’t find a tissue but have several tapestry needles, stitch markers, pieces of yarn and a random set of KnitPro tips and cable key. But no tissues.

Long story short I’m more likely to have a haberdashery than things I actually need in my bag.

(Paris and London was glorious, will post full update when not on a train looking for a tissue)


Mini Monday: Success and Failure.

Today I feel I have failed at many things. I have not done any of the clothes washing, which is necessary now I only have 4 outfits suitable for work. I manage to rip one of the dresses straight down the side last week and repairing it would make it too small even with the most tiny of seam allowances. My house still looks like the scene of a burglary or small disaster movie. I haven’t even bother to make the bed.

I have done no exercise even though the extent of me getting dressed was to put on exercise clothes rather than stay in pyjamas.

I have only eaten nachos and a packet of M&Ms, the diet of a student (well kinda student).

I didn’t even start to make the dress that I have been planning to make to make up for the one that was ripped.

However I did bring out my longest WIP (8 years, 5 months and counting) and did about 5 hours work on it.


Today has been successful.

Mini Monday: Missing Month

So it’s nearly over a month since I blogged and it feels like there is an enormous amount I’ve not blogged about but wanted to. Like the visit from the knitting fairy. Or the argument I had with a police officer. Or the tooth saga. Or the dream where knn was actually a pirate crew in search of y-argh-n!

And on top of that I have actually made progress with my WIPs. Every time I go to take pictures it suddenly dark or I had to leave for work 10 minutes ago. So still no pictures, but take my word there be epic!

Speaking of work it’s taking over my life at the moment. I’m in early, I stay late, weekends are non-existent. It’s sleep, work, knit. My appetite is suffering to the point people are asking what my secret to losing weight is. I’ve just starting smiling. The honest answer is come and work in the business area of law with understaffed team and no lunch hour, it’s the best diet in town at the moment.

Which brings me to this: do I have time for a blog relationship at the moment? I’m not sure, and if I’m really honest I could have blogged the last month it’s just I didn’t want to in the hour or so I had spare. But I enjoyed this just writing a little about the craziness that is my life at the moment.

So this maybe me calling hiatus or starting to make time again. Time will tell.

Mini Monday: Disappointment.

Been unhappy with something doesn’t mean you had a bad day. In fact I had a lovely day. But I went to the LYS (Local Yarn Shop), which for me using public transport is more like an hour away, and I didn’t get everything I wanted. Then I went to two other craft shops only to find that they were shut because of the bank holiday. This means my plans for the evening are now ruined.

Ok I’m exaggerating a but but I was planning on using new wool this evening and starting a new project. Yes I already have too many projects but damn it I had a lovely day planned and it didn’t turn out like I wanted. And now I’m back to work tomorrow. Thank goodness the next bank holiday is in 2 weeks. I might have more knitting success then.

Mini Monday: What is normal?

I’m been serious here. What is normal? It’s currently 10pm-ish and I’m sat by myself, drinking an alcoholic beverage, doing a bit of knitting with Craft and Create TV on in the background. Is this normal? I think it may just be the Monday-ness talking but this doesn’t feel right. I mean I enjoy all of the above bit surely I should be doing something that normal 20-something’s do. Normally, I don’t care what people think but today….today feels different. But tomorrow is a new day and maybe I won’t feel like this tomorrow.

Which brings me onto the fact I watched “Groundhog Day” for the first time today. And honestly I know I’ve never seen it before but I was expecting a different ending. Like a totally different ending. I thought he would have to live the first day again exactly as it happened, bad points and all, to learn that you can change but you can’t change the world. But maybe that’s me thinking too much about it, or maybe not enough, which once again brings me to the point of: am I normal? Does anyone else overthink films like this.

I suppose I should also say: lookie! I completed my jacket.


Yes it is also not normal. It’s imperfect. The sleeves are unevenly gathered, the hems on the sleeves still need tidying up, the binding is lumpy and uneven and I had a nightmare with with the interfacing. But it’s mine and it’s completed and it does fits. I’m going to give it a bit of tidy up and a neaten of the seams before modelling (plus I’m in my pjs and nobody wants to see the red-love-heart-silk-red-baggy-Scruffs I call my pjs).

Tomorrow is another day, thankfully. Unless someone wants to play a Groundhog Day Style prank on me.

Mini Monday: Everything I Touch Decides to Fail.

Ok the title might be a slight exaggeration but I’ve not had much luck with anything this weekend.

Firstly wordpress fails on my. I’ve been trying to make a post since Saturday and I log it and after about 30 seconds it kicks me out again. Grrrr! This means I’m writing this on my phone so I don’t have all my pictures. I think the full Scarborough report will have to be another day; possibly Friday. Also means my typing may be terrible and spelling mistakes galore.

Then I was planning a quiet weekend at home. That didn’t happen. On Friday we went to the parents for the rugby and the simple task of ordering takeaway for 7 people turned into a shambles. In the end we ended up ordering from two takeaways to please everybody. Rhinos also won easily which actually made it a dull game. Yes it’s fantastic because it helped us maintain our place in the league but it’s not an interesting game.

The quiet weekend also got ruined by both me and the husband coming down with some sort of sickness. This didn’t really bother me because my plan for the weekend was to laze on the sofa anyway. What I didn’t plan on was having someone else on the sofa with me. It may sound daft but just having him at home when I already made plans throws me out. Even if he’s not in the way I feel like I’m bugging him when I’m doing things I want to do. Which means I do less; meaning I feel like I having accomplished what I set out to do. Crazy, huh?

And lastly hearing about the worlds fastest knitter dying has made me realise I could possibly be the worlds slowest knitter. If I could show you a picture you would understand. I have done 6cm of twisted rib stitch. How long odd this take. Well The Tinkerbell movie, Wreck-it Ralph and 4 episodes of Mr Selfridge. So, so slow.

And just to put the icing on the cake it’s Monday, freezing and the train is 15 minutes late.

Rant over. Let the week begin.