Thanks Ryan….

This cheered me right up.

The Knitting Neurotic


I’m having the kind of day where sedatives are almost necessary but cracked a smile when I saw this.

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Magic in Her Fingers

The Peregrine Reads

 10656788-elderly-woman-knitting-a-sock-on-the-needles (1)

Underneath the scotching sun, she sits with her crotchets
With swamps of piercing hums, beneath her every breathe
About to craft another stroke of genius
With wool and pins and some magic fingers
Of Men, unknowing of the fabric they wear
And kids’, pacing about the place in colorful wears
She makes such beauties— with the magic in her fingers!

In and out, In and out
She works her fingers from west to east
Her sharp pale eyes blurred out with dreams
Merrily joining and stitching, seam to seam
Fat loopy yarns, repeatedly dancing around her legs
And she would raise her chin in pride and toss her silky hair
Carefully telling a story —with the magic in her fingers!

As unskilled and overlooked though the job,
It lit up her soul and to her heart restored joy
Patched-up torn tissues, seamlessly weaving broken dreams
Turned a lonely spot…

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30 Day Knitting Challenge

Because I haven’t done a Daily Challenge in Ages!

pixels and purls

I found this over on Tumblr a while a go and figured I would finally give it a go…

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

Day 4: How did you learn how to knit?

Day 5: How long did it take from the time your learned how to knit, to finish your first project?

Day 6: What is your favorite piece that you’ve knit?

Day 7: Your least favorite?

Day 8: What’s your most challenging project?

Day 9: What fiber or yarn do you love working with?

Day 10: Do you have a favorite pattern or designer?

Day 11: Do you have a “Knitter Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good? Do share!

Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

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How pretty!


Knitting needles

Knitting is so fitting
on a dreary day
when life seems soggy
and bids sleep, not play.

Knitting is a pleasure
when stresses pile high.
It demands time for leisure
while honing a sharper mind.

Knitting is my heirloom,
my mother’s voice and sigh.
Biscuits, tea, and honey —
all eaten by and by.

But most of all, knitting
is my epic work of ages.
Fateful weavings read
and created by the sages.

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Yarn Bombing Powers Used for Good

Yay to the NHS! A striking advert campaign and hopefully one that will work.

The Knitting Neurotic


Yarn bombing. Will you use your powers for good or for AWESOME?

A new campaign by the staff of NHS Blood and Transplant in England will feature a series fantastic yarn bombs to remind people that donations save lives. This one has over 8 thousands drops to signify that blood doesn’t grow on trees.

Now is that cool or what?

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The Big Bang Theory Recap: Sheldon and Amy Take a Really Big Step



The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Amy kissThis Thursday on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah Fowler received perhaps the most unexpected Valentine’s Day gift ever.

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“The Locomotive Manipulation” opened with Amy guiding her beau of three years through their annual State of the Relationship Summit, during which they failed to agree on his pet name for her (“Gollum” was shot down, again) and then tackled the sticky wicket of Valentine’s Day plans.

Amy proposes an idea they’ll both enjoy: a weekend at a bed-and-breakfast in Napa Valley. Yet even after Amy addresses Sheldon’s assorted concerns (eating with strangers, claw-foot bath tubs, etcetera), he must wonder: What’s in it for me to enjoy? Her comeback: They’re traveling to Napa on a fully functioning vintage train — more specifically, an Alco FA-4 diesel locomotive leading meticulously restored 1915 Pullman first class…

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