Review of The Year 2013

Hello 2014!

But before that a couple of reflections on 2013. It was busy, I started two new jobs, made some fantastic friends, celebrated my first wedding anniversary and got very, very fat.

Think I’m over exaggerating on the fat thing? Not. A. Chance. Me and my scales have had very very firm words the last couple of weeks so I’m going to have to do some thing drastic. Like make new year resolutions.

Now last years resolutions were very simple. Keep this blog and don’t let it become one of the many unloved ones that happens when people start them with good intentions. Now I’m the first to admit it went all a bit pear shaped the last month of the year but today is another year and it’s off to a good start. I’m here and blogging. So as it’s 2014 I’ve decided I’m going to make 2014 resolutions…..Joking I’m not actually that mental. Instead I think 14 should be a nice amount. So here goes:-

1. Keep this Blog going. Yes it’s not a famous one and honk only about 3 people read it (thankfully none of them my mother) but it’s my little love letter to the world.

2. Lose the Cheese weight You know above I mentioned I had firm words with my scales? My scales replied you know it’s only because of huge cheese. It’s not so much I need to drastically lose weight but I need to tone up, slim down a little and get healthier. I’m never going to look like Kate Moss, or Lily Cole or even Michelle Keegan, who is supposedly a “girl next door”, because I have small boobs and a massive arse, a typical pear. I’m not going to go all Bridget Jones on you but be warned a couple of “updates on my weight goal” posts in the future. And talking about Bridget…..

3. Read More! I have some books on my shelves that I’ve never even got round to reading and just have to.

4Refresh my language courses I also have some language course on my shelves that are getting a little dusty. Especially my German ones….in fact the only phrase I can think of is “uber de brocher” and I don’t think I’ve spelt that right.

5. Enjoy my university course Oh yes I forgot to mention I’m doing another course. This is a bit more of a long term goal but within 3 years I plan to have my CLC qualification and be a qualified Conveyancer.

6. Go to More Gigs I’ve had so much fun this year listening to new music, old music and live music in general. I know me and the hubby have got tickets to the eagles in July but hopefully I will also get round to seeing rizzle kicks this year as well.

7. Make the hubby a jumper he’s been asking for one for so long and I always seem to be on a deadline for something else. On the other hand….

8. Actually make something for me! What happened to the NaMoSwaMo dress I hear you all cry? Well unfortunately I read the pattern wrong, the second time I cast on and actually got the edge right I read the rest of it as 1×1 ribbing when it should have actually been moss/seed stitch. D’oh. So hopefully this year I will complete the dress.

9. Have more nights out For far too long I’ve been acting like an adult. And to quote one of my favourite people

What’s the point in been a grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes?

It lovely to go out sometimes and act a bit wild. Me and the hubby went out on the weekend between Christmas and New Year and it was a great night out.

10. Learn a new skill I have a lace making kit around here somewhere….. (Then again I always threaten to learn the violin)

11. Continue with my crafty time it fell a bit to the wayside especially as everything I seemed to be making was on a deadline but I’m going to relish the challenges of deadlines this year.

12. Stop biting my Nails I vaguely make this resolution every year….

13. Complete Tut Tut, my darling Tut, it’s been 6 and a half years, 4 houses, one kitten and one wedding. I promise this year, this marvellous year, you shall be COMPLETED!

*ahem* moving on….

14 Make time for me Sometimes I just need to sit back and let the world move round me. Need time to stop worrying. Need to be more spontaneous. Need to care less what people think.

This will be my year.


Review of 2012

Seeing as this didn’t exist in 2012 thought I would give a review of the year….


Was threatened with redundancy at work. Not the best start to the year. And it didn’t get much better….


I didn’t lose my job. Highlight of February.



This is me and my best friend on my 23rd birthday party (I’m the one with the blonde hair). Yes we look a bit drunk but apart from that fine? Wrong. Unbeknownst to me at this point I am in the early stages of viral meningitis. The day after this photo I was in the contagious virus’ unit at our local hospital.

This the point that a lecture starts; Meningitis’ early symptoms are not much different to a colds. If after developing a runny nose, sore throat and headache 24-48 hrs later you develop photo sensitivity, a stiff neck, other muscle aches, vomiting and an increase in pain in the headache GO SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. While some people do develop a rash it is more likely in bacterial meningitis. A rash is not always present in viral. I never developed one.

Fair to say not the best birthday as I had a horrible cold.


Quiet month.


More redundancies at work. Start to look for a new job.


Still looking for a new job.


Quiet month. Still looking for a new job.


I get a new job! Due to the nature of the job cannot reveal details of job. Boo!

I also visit Sweden.


The guy is my wonderful boyfriend. Possible one a handful of photos where we both look  acceptable. Normally he blinks, or I hate my teeth, or he blinks, or I have glare of my glasses which makes red eye, or he blinks. You get the idea.

Most people think of Sweden and think of a few stereotypes. Beautiful, tall women, ABBA and snow. I now think beautiful, tall women, ABBA and glorious sunshine which gives me sunburn. We went during the hottest weekend of one of the hottest years on records. My pale skin did not thank me for this.


Start new job. Due to nature of job have to say even less than before.


This is the month that basically all my family are born in. I am always short on cash in October due to meals out and present buying.


The above boyfriends birthday. Also the anniversary of when we first met. It was back in 2003.

More importantly this happened….



This would be my hen party. Which leads directly onto…



Me and the boyfriend got married! And for us there were no major disasters.

The service was short, the meal was wonderful and we danced until dawn.

We also had a lovely honeymoon.


The above is the only picture of the both of us during our honeymoon.

Can you guess where we went by any chance? Answers on a postcard.


So all in all to quickly sum up 2012; deadly disease, new secret job and wedding. In that order. It got much better towards the end.

And for the year ahead. Well the blog is the start. I plan on using it to make a record of my achievements. Big or small. Because sometimes it’s the small things in life that keeps us sane.