Stitching Saturday: Thy Shall Not Covet (a fellow knit and natter’s jumper)

Geez a month since I last blogged. I could complain about life taking up all my time again but you’ve heard it all before.

So instead I’m going to tell you the story of a jealous knitter and the desire of a yarn hoarder and the selfishness of a crafter. And just in case you can’t tell, all of the above are the same person. Namely me.

I’m sure by now you are aware on Thursdays I attend a local Knit and Natter where we knit, drink coffee and try to put the world to rights (occasionally none of these things happen but we do try). We are on Ravelry if anyone is interested. Back in the autumn one of our members joined a knit along. She showed us the pattern and we all oooh-ed and awwww-ed and then squished squishy wool when she showed us the yarn she would be using. The whole way along as it was growing I knew it was going to be a gorgeous finished jumper.

And then it was finished.

And I was jealous!

It didn’t feel right to be jealous (and I may have not mentioned it to anybody at KNN because they already think I’m crazy I don’t need to give them anymore ammunition) especially as if I really really wanted to I could make something exactly the same. At this point the rational side of my brain knew that this was just crazy talk and I didn’t want an identical jumper but a spark had been lit in my brain and I really, really wanted a snuggle houndstooth jumper.

And then this landed in my inbox. Honestly Wool & The Gang it’s like you have a secret little window into my mind. Look how houndtoothy it is! And with nice red accents, I like what you did there W&tG. Biggest problem? It’s a mans jumper.

Damn and blast! This led to a multiple of thoughts that pretty much all ran along side one another something like:

– I could make myself a mans jumper Your have a hundred jumpers you haven’t made for yourself yet
– I could make husband the jumper Yeah right you haven’t finished husbands first jumper yet and be honest you would just “borrow” it permanently
– I could do a Ravelry search YAY RAVELRY

So I hunted on Ravelry as the most reasonable way of finding a pattern I liked without stepping on our knitters toes (which honestly I didn’t think she would mind if I used the same pattern as her, as most likely than not I would change the colours). So I went onto Ravelry and spent in total what must have been about 5 hours trying to find a pattern that was a bit like the W&tG design but would fit my body a bit better. It didn’t find anything.

I was most disappointed.

However as I sat half knitting, half lost in my own thoughts, half vaguely watching whatever was on the tv I came to the conclusion that I probably have enough patterns to last me more than my lifetime and I should be happy with this. And beside the patterns I also have enough wool to last me more than several lifetimes at the rate I knit. I did also vaguely think about trying to use up the stash I have before I buy anymore just due to the size of said stash (if I think about it too much and start using words like diet, or cutting back or restrictions then I just buy impulsively but that’s another blog for another day)

Well this morning I was browsing (not buying browsing, honestly!) and I decided to have a look in their free patterns and what do I find?


I can just see it knitted up now but I think I would changed it slightly to make the cuffs a bright red like the W&tG design. As much as I do like this design I am thinking I may wait until the end of the year to buy the wool for it. Why?

Well honestly I’ve been thinking about it again and I do have a large number of items all ready to knit. Do I really want to add something else to the never ending list? And back to the original jumper that was made by the fellow knit and natter. Did I like it because I thought it would look good on me? Well yes but I know I also liked it because I had seen the hard work that had gone into it, how much time had been spent choosing a pattern and a yarn, the sense of community it had created by been part of a knit along and the conversation it had created between me and my friends. Because that’s what the ladies at Knit and Natter are now. They are my friends who I found through our mutual insanity love of knitting. So my dear friends yes I occasionally want to steal your jumpers but know it is out of love and not just out of greed.


Stitching Saturday – Sick Day!

I ended up at the emergency doctors last night because of my asthma. Its never no fun when I get to the end of day and realise I really, really can’t breathe and on reflection haven’t really been able to do all day. The upside is this time I caught it early enough not to end up very ill but lots of rest and lots of tablets have been prescribed. Which means following doctors instructions I am going to stay at home all day and craft to my heart content. I may even be able to get the husband to wait on me hand and foot! Okey that may up unlikely but a day of rest is needed.

So what is the plan for today?

Well so far I have updated my Ravelry to show all my lovely purchases that I bought with my friend the other week and the few other wooly purchases over the last month or so. I’ve also updated my projects and looking at my page I look like a serial starter with a lot of WIPs. So I’m am determined to finish a few of the smaller things over the next couple of month starting with the socks that my husband has fondly named Dennis. Well he’s named the one sock I’m part of the way through Dennis. I suppose it’s pair will be named Gnasher. The nickname came about because of the bright red and black colour combo I have chosen for them. Unfortunately my “resting” (read laziness for this point) means I can’t take any photos at the moment as I’m not really sure where all my projects are hiding.

I also plan on seeking out new music on soundcloud and seeing what takes my fancy. Me and the husband are listening to the local radio station at the moment and it appears that pop music seems to be getting more influence from dance. This is a bad thing, I completely understand that music goes through changes and that’s why pop music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now all sound completely different but on the other hand I can prefer a style of music that is not the “popular” choice for a moment. In the early 2000’s I loved music that was on the radio, the main band I can think of been Kaiser Chiefs. I still enjoy listening their first album on repeat, much to the upset of the husband. And it’s still a style of music I enjoy to this day, guitar led, vocally strong, bouncy rock. Yes I totally just made up that name for it but at the time it was pop-rock, fast forward to today it would more likely than not be called indie-rock. Pop-rock today would more likely be something like Mumford and Sons (who I also like for the balance of argument) but they are not as readily played of the radio and have more of a folk sound. So the plan for today is definitely going to be looking at soundcloud and other music websites to see if I can see any new classics or old forgotten favourites (Like this piece of magic that I rediscovered last week)

I should also probably think about enjoying some fantastic food but that would require a trip to the shops. Maybe I could convince the husband that he really needs to do everything for me…..

Enjoy your day! I’m off to convince my husband to wait on me hand and foot.

Stitching Saturday – Stupid Sizing and Simple Soloutions.

Sorry for the alliteration but I’m just in one of those funny moods.

So my cousins wife is in labour and we are expecting another little bundle of joy. I actually attempted to make a hat as mentioned previously. Well the good news is that it is actually finished. The bad news is at a) the colours are less like the local rugby team and more like the football team b) it actually took 15 casts and 14 unravels before I got the finished product and c) IT’S MASSIVE!


So in the above it doesn’t look too big. But look at it here.


That would be my 16 year old brother wearing it comfortably. I also have a picture of the dear husband wearing it but he refused to let me post that one. But his head is going to be my measurement guide.

So the hat when laid on a flat surface has a circumference of 40cm. The dear husbands head measure 59cm. That means it has 19cm of stretch. Which even to me seems excessive. So I looked at what should be the average head circumference of a 1 years olds hat (the hat in the picture is for other cousins baby born back in May). Good old M&S (yes I am a old lady but M&S are usually pretty good at sizes. Every woman in Britain has at least one item of underwear from them. Trust me) and they say it should be 46cm circumference. Which is 6cm bigger than the actual size of the hat. So what do I do?

My options are

1. Absolutely nothing
The reasoning is that it’s a present made with love. It’s not meant to be perfect. And it’s not that it won’t fit it might just look a bit odd.

2. Make another one.
Yeah right. My blood pressure wouldn’t take another 15 casts on.

2. Give it a wash
Now this means it might shrink a bit. But do I actually want it to shrink because according to the bible that is M&S sizing guide its actually a little small.

3. Give it a wash and block it.
Probably the most sensible option. But I’ve never blocked! And knowing me good go horribly, horribly wrong.

Whatever I end up doing I will update.

I also have an issue with the cardie that I made in Corfu.


While it all looks ok I actually made a mistake while shaping the shoulders. It was suppose the be slip stitch 6 and then complete row in pattern, turn, continue pattern until 4 stitches before end. I missed out the slip stitch row completely so I’m a row short. I’m also unsure how to fix it. I think it will be another thing to think about in detail and then post the update on how I fix it (which I really need to do in this case as the arms don’t seem to fit in the way I made it)

Onto other things.

I made a pair of gloves.


Ok technically that’s just the one in the one in the picture but I needed my other hand to take the picture. I’m pretty proud of these. I actually dyed the wool myself and am really, reallyplease with the way the colours turned out.

I’m also in the process of making the socks for my sister.


They need to be made vaguely in the pair because I don’t want to end up with odd socks. With the above issues with sizing I know if I made them separately that it a real possibility.

And I also have the beginnings of a scarf.


But I ran out of yarn. That means I get to go yarn shopping.

I also think at this point I need to mention poor neglected Tut’. I obviously didn’t take it on holiday as he is far to big but he is also been woefully neglected now I am back off holiday. I am hopefully going to spend some time on him today at least so he doesn’t sit in the corner for another 3 years. Yes he has been in progress for 3 years.

And tomorrow is going to be an interesting day. But I think I’ll save that story for another day.

Stitching Saturday – The Joy of Hayfever

The weather is still been weirdly nice. But after the recent shower we had it means the pollen count has gone ridiculously high. Which means I’ve done nothing but sneeze all day.

However rather than laze about like I did last weekend I have actually spent some quality time with the wool and thread.


I’m actually pretty proud of the end result but it was a typical Laura last moment job. To be fair I did finish him 2 days early but when I was making up the goggle eye I went looking for my white felt turns out that it had magically disappeared. So I used white cotton in the end. I was sure I had white felt. I mean I found the black felt and the red felt but no white felt.

In other work my friend has just had a little girl so I’m making a cardie. I only have another 10 rows to do so will hopefully will be finished tomorrow and can show off the finished product then. I’ve also sorted out all my threads for Sloth so will be making a start on her soon.

But now I’m going to sneeze a bit more. Achoo!

Stitching Saturday (just!) – How did it get to Saturday already?

So I’m pretty certain that the time will show as Sunday by the time this is posted by honestly it was started on Saturday.

And that does pretty much sum up how my weed has gone. As much as I had the good intentions to manage some posting earlier in the week on Monday I had lunch with colleagues, the same on Tuesday, Wednesday evening was going to see Man of Steel, Thursday…well read below for Thursday. And before I knew it there I was at Friday wondering where my good intentions had gone.

The bright point on the horizon is that I actually managed to find to time to craft this week. I’ve discovered a wonderful little knit n natterthat meets in the Costa coffee near my work on a Thursday. A whole 2 hours to stitch and meet people who understand the slightly crazy world of craft! To be fair it wasn’t quite as easy as I make it sound and spent the first half hour sat in a corner, working up the courage to approach the big group of knitters. Luckily they had a room for a little stitcher and after 5 minutes it was like I was an old friend.

The time I spent there I did spend on my mini but rather than give you and update now I would like to try and stick to my good intentions (again!) and update that on Monday. And good old tut’ is still sat in the corner, but he should be getting an update tomorrow. Instead I’ve pick up another project.


This is the beginning of the Sunday swing dress from issue 313 of Crochet Today. I once again apologise for the poor quality picture from my iPad but hopefully you can see unlike the original suggesting in the magazine it is a pink colour. What might be harder to see is that in the hand it looks more like candyfloss. It has a lovely pink colour that is darker in some places and practically white in others.

While I do still intend to take some cross stitch to the knit and natter I think it would be more practical to take a crochet project. So I followed their lovely advice and signed to up Raverlry. Like a true serial starter I fell in love with about half of the patterns on the site and immediately decided to start one. Luckily one of my friend is due to give birth at the beginning of August so at least this time I have a deadline and inspiration for finishing.

I also have plans tomorrow to help another friend to begin a quilting project! Wish me luck and (hopefully!) be back with more updates soon.

Stitching Saturday: Railroading on trains is hard.

I’m currently on a train making my way back from London (in fact this train) and have brought my mini with me to work on.

Since its been such a long time since my last update, reasons which will be explained soon, I’ve actually finished my last mini.


Even with the dreaded backstitch I quite enjoyed myself in the end.

I’ve now started the latest free kit from CrossStitcher issue 263. I think she’s coming along quite well.


As I’m on a train it means I can’t really show the update for Tut. He’s coming along very slowly at the moment but hopefully will be able to give a full update tomorrow.

For now, night night.

Stitching Saturday

I realise the name of this blog is me in stitches and yet so far have given very little updates on what I stitch. That’s because most of the time real life gets in the way. But today is a Saturday which means no work so a little more time for stitching. However let me give you details of the week to explain why I don’t get as much time for my favourite hobby as I would like.

Monday was informed at work that flexi time was to be introduced. This means more time at work and less time for stitching. While not mandatory the extra money is always appreciated so I will probably sign up. While at work if I have time in my lunch hour I will pick up what I refer to in my head as my mini. This normally is a small free kit that has come with a magazine. At the moment this is the fizzy moon from issue 194 of The World of Cross Stitching.


As you can tell by the age of the magazine I don’t often get time in my lunch hour to make progress on a mini.

This is because on lunches I normally try to visit friends, like I did this Tuesday, or have to do food shopping (which is my most hated chore) as we have no milk or bread or food for dinner in the evening, such as what I did on Wednesday.

And in the evenings when I get home I have to do chores or actually have some time with the husband. He works shifts so evenings where we are both at home are a rarity. As such stitching is low on the list of the things I have to do but high on the list of things I want to do.

Which brings me to Friday. I woke up to find I had no water and no heating. Had to wait in all day for a plumber. Which meant I lost a days wages. It would have been the perfect time to stitch. Except England is currently in the grip of cold weather. My flat was so cold, as we only have the central heating no other type of heating, I was wearing my coat, gloves and hat inside. Not really easy to stitch with gloves and not something I recommend to try or the frog will find you. Trust me, I’ve made that mistake previously.

The heating is patched, but the boiler does need replacing. It means I no longer need to wear outdoor clothes inside. So today I was planning on sitting down, putting on a film and stitching to my hearts content.

Life once again got in the way. My dad called me and told me to ring his older sister because she wanted to speak to me. Odd as she has only asked me a couple of things in my entire 23 year existence (one of them asking how it felt to be shot, long story). Her oldest daughter is turning 40 and she wanted to create book for all the guests at the party she is throwing to write in. She knows I am creative and so wanted to know if I could make something. Not usually a problem and would normally happily make anything for family. But the party is tonight. As in less than 8 hours away.

To the panic stations. So now instead of working on my Tutankhamen cross stitch I am now creating a papercraft project.

And the reason I am writing this is because my printer has just run out of ink. So I’m having to go buy more. Did I mention its still snowing and the average temperature is -1 degrees Celsius? wish me luck on my trek to get ink. I think I may need it.

Oh and maybe I will actually get some stitching done sometime this week.