Stitching Sunday: Updates!

Look updates!


This is the sleeve of a jumper I started on holiday. I’m actually going to be making two nearly identical versions of this for two little boys in my family. So far I have one back, two sleeves and the beginning of a front. I have a bit of a dilemma of which version I want to do though, with or without a hood. As the only changes have to be made to the front neck to decide with or without a good I still have time to decide but it’s not really good to make a decision as knitting as I have discovered in the past. I think I have asked everyone in real life that I know which they prefer and most have informed me it’s my decision to make. NO! I can’t make this decision. Anyone want to help me?


Also next look, pretty fair isle! This is the back of the nearly never ending jumper. I have just another 2cm of the plain stocking stitch in the dusky pink to go on the front before I start the fair isle on that. Whilst this project feels like it has been going forever I apparently only started it sometime in March. Hopefully at this rate it will be ready for autumn.


Whilst the Fair Isle jumper may feel like it’s taken forever this really is taking forever. What you see is actually all I have done on it. This is the back panel of what I call Aran for Aaron. It’s a silly word play but makes me smile. I don’t think this will be completed in time for this winter.


I also got round I washing the fabric I bought for some summer dresses. Yes summer may be coming to an end but I may get to wear something I make before the end of September. However I have learnt that drying several meters of fabric in a tiny flat is not very practical. My sudden interest in trying to get back on the dressmaking wagon is four fold:-

1. I have so much fabric I should really use some of it soon.

2. My wardrobe really needs updating. I can count on one hand the amount of outfits I own that fit, are fashionable and suitable for work on one hand. Then again I can probably do the same for my out of work clothes too.

3. I have a new sewing machine that needs to be used for more than cushion covers.

4. Look at my new friend…


She is just begging to be draped in fabric even if she does look amazing in the nude, so to speak.

She is another of my charity shops finds. I saw her standing in the window and had to look at her in more detail. It was only when I got into the shop I realised she was for sale. As it was a case of love at first sight I didn’t care what her price was I just had to buy her. Turns out she didn’t break the bank balance at £20! In fact I think she was a bargain. Yes she has a little bit of damage around her base and she is old enough to be called vintage but to me is perfect. I’m hoping we have many happy hours together.


Stitching Sunday: Welcome to Antipaxos, (nearly) Paradise on Earth

Why nearly? Well I didn’t have any knitting. But here have a look.


How lovely.

So I admit again I haven’t really kept up with any crafts. I think I’ve done about 4cm of twisted rib for the front of hearts and flowers top during siesta time but I have also been napping during this time. Doing nothing actually makes me more tired it seems.

Well not exactly nothing. I have been swimming everyday and yesterday we also went to Achillion which had some stunning views and architecture.

I was most taken with some statues of the muses that were in the large courtyard but rather than take poor quality pictures with my iPhone I took the photos with the camera so I will have to upload then when I get home.

I also possibly have a new shot to replace my standard avatar, although it’s similar in a way.


What do you think?

Good Morning, this is once again a day later but as I said the internet connection is temperamental.

Other things I forgot to mention was about the swallows. There are loads living all around the town we are stopping in, there is even a nest in our favourite restaurant (it’s called Zak’s, if you ever get the chance to visit Messonghi, honestly his homemade sauces for meats are amazing, homemade wine seriously good and the atmosphere is so friendly). The best things about the swallows is the way they are dive bombing the swimming pool of the we are staying at. They are too quick for me to take pictures but I’m planning on stalking the pool all day to try and catch them.

And look I finally have a rest day from all the trips and plan on doing this all day (aside from the bird watching)


Stitching Sunday: Happy KIP Day/Week

Hello everybody!

I’ve been trying to celebrate Knitting in Public day/week but busy, busy week again. I feel like I’m constantly busy and want to share all of it with all of you but I just don’t have the time.

But back to KIP! Have you been KIPing? I’ve been trying…


However they don’t really feel like knitting in public just because I’ve been trying to squeeze in minute whilst on lunch, which either means it’s at my desk, in the park or at a costa and I knit at all of these places anyway. Does it count if they are your regular knitting places?

Yesterday I did visit Texere for the first time in Bradford and bought some great bargains. The staff were also so lovely and helpful. I shall be definitely be going back again (maybe not spending quite so much money next time though). All the lovely goodies deserve a post of there own so hopefully I will get time to post them up on Instagram and here tomorrow.

I also don’t know if I have mentioned in the past but I am on Instagram as baztheblonde. Come and follow, I love finding new knitting related pictures (although I often post about tea and my Dalmatian as well).

As I mentioned last week I had the urge to pick up smaller needles and crack in with some cross stitch. Unfortunately again I haven’t had the time, and this urge is now been joined by a other to crack out the sewing machine and work on all the lovely fabrics that I’ve had in my ottoman for at least 5 months. Such a bad, bad crafter letting real life things like work, friends, family and sleeping get in the way of creativity. Oh and the little thing called HOLIDAY!

Oh yes dear readers for the next couple of weeks I shall be once again doing special posts from Corfu. This called a small spanner with a couple of things. One, I heard they had allowed knitting needles on flights again only to find out that this was not true for the airline I was flying with. Major disappointment. Secondly, our luggage is already very close to weight limit so I’m not sure about the amount of craft supplies I can take with me. Dilemma! What do I take? What don’t I take? Start removing clothes? I’ve just been on a spending spree but the majority is going to have to stay at home! (I know this is very melodramatic, could be #firstworldproblems and also #crafterproblems but this is important to me). I let you know what I decided when I get there, I have a feeling I might still be packing the hour before we set off for the flight.

I also have to blog about all the other things I’ve done such as the several trips to the theatre, the gig reviews and random moments of excitement. So much to blog, so little time.


Stitching Sunday: What A Week!

It’s been so busy this week I feel like I haven’t had time to blog properly. And most definitely haven’t had time to do any craft related fun. So I decided to sit down this morning and really crack on to something. Only to realise that the whole of Little Vine is wrong. So it got frogged, again.

I’m fed up of the frog.

On the plus note I got to use my new ball winder.



If truth be told I am a little convinces that I’m going to have the frog round for a while and it’s really putting me off doing anything.

I mean like this morning I purposely tp aside time just for me and it ended up been another case of destroying things I had attempted to make.

So I’m asking any tips to get rid of the frog? And get back my mojo?

Stitching Sunday: Lifelines and other annoyances.

Celestarium was going well. Until I put a lifeline in.


Somehow adding the lifeline made me increase the stitch count. And when I ripped back to the lifeline to resolve the extra stitches problem I somehow had tanged it through two rows of stitches in some places which has led me to having to rip it all out. All of it.

However this wasn’t a major problem. Yes I am disappointed but now I can learn from my mistakes. My bigger problem was when I discovered all of this the husband decided he wanted to talk to me about everything. I purposefully sat him down and said I made a mistake and I needed to really concentrate. So he decided it was a good time to talk about the house deposit (which is important but not the right time), the food shopping (I do the food shopping, he doesn’t why is he suddenly interested in it), the mobile phone contracts (I’m not interested) and the plans for today (I want 20 minutes to mourn the lost of something I’ve spent about 5 hours on). He’s still wittering in the background now about some form he’s filling in. It’s not that I don’t love him just sometime even when I’m clear (see example above) he still goes out of his way to annoy me but he doesn’t see it like this. And then when I point put he’s annoying me he sulks as if it’s my fault. MEN!

So deep breath. Today I am staring again with Celestarium and the husband. In just going to pretend the last hour didn’t happen.

Stitching Saturday: Sunny Saturday

What a glorious day and I have taken full advantage of it. Apologies for the delays in blogging but at a 25 year old I got chickenpox. Whilst I wasn’t really ill I did take a bit of a knock to my confidence and didn’t really feel like sharing anything with anyone. But that’s in the past now and I’m feeling less itchy, less spotty and less sorry for myself.

So today! Well to be honest I wasn’t in the perfect mood and I got more than a little grumpy. But look at the reason why.


A huge tangle of tangled-ness. I’ve been trying to untangle it for 3 days. And today my patience snapped. Unfortunately I may have taken my bad mood out of the husband (however he should take some of the responsibility of sneaking up behind me). The upside of my little temper tantrum is that the husband never wanted me to have to untangle again and bought me a swift and a ball winder. Very thoughtful.

However I did get to knit with this tangle once I had wound it up all nice. It did become a bit of a problem though.


It started to done when it should have been flat. I did think that spreading it out over more needles would solve this problem.


And for once my idea actually worked! Whoo! Hopefully this should speed along at a brisk pace now.

I also had another charity shop run today. I’m more than a little bit obsessed with charity stores but I get so many good deals and thing I would never find anywhere else. Take a look at these patterns.




And my personally favourite…..


Just look at the attitude. I want that swag when I’m wearing those leg warmers.

I also found out that the charity shop I bought these from are having a fabric sale in two weeks. They are going to stock the whole store with fabric and are shipping it in specially for this event. I’m hoping by the time I get to go on Saturday they won’t have sold out as it is starting on Wednesday 28th May. If anyone is interested it is the St Gemma’s Charity Shop at 206 Selby Road, Halton, Leeds, LS15 0LF. St Gemma’s is also close to my heart so if can support them please go have a look.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be back blogging and will have updates on everything.

Stitching Sunday: The London Marathon

Today is a lovely day, bright, clear but not too warm. Perfect for runners and crafters alike. I have huge admiration for all the people running today, whether for personal achievement, for a charity or a loved one. I know the chances of me are virtually zero. I just don’t have the stamina. However #getinspired has inspired me.

A long time ago (long,long,long,long,long time ago in a galaxy called Newcastle) my Daddy ran the Great North Run. More than once. The pictures of him crossing the finishing line use to have pride of place on the mantle piece when I was little. Then us children came along and had events like birthdays, and christenings and in my case a graduation and my Daddy got replaced on the mantle piece. Even the dog got a picture. The result is that my Dad now has no pictures in frames in the house. The pictures of him crossing the finish line now reside in the dusty loft, out of sight, out of mind. And my Daddy well he’s nearly 50 now and well, he’s put on a bit of weight.

However recently he’s decided to do something about this and has taken up distance bike riding. And if he can do it I can do.

I made a promise to myself to get fitter at the beginning of the year and today I’ve decide to make a little better on that resolution.

Knitting is still going to be my main priority though. 😊

Lent update: We are more than halfway there people and with all the marathon talk above I’ve realised that Lent is a little bit like a marathon. The first few days feel great with the roar of the crowd, then the next few days you find your pace, everyone has a day when they hit “the wall” and want to crumble and then you get to a day like today, where you can see the finish line and you know at the end your going to have a great sense of achievement.

I think I maybe getting into the marathon metaphor a bit too much.

Stitching Sunday: Sleepy Sunday!

What a weekend! I feel like I could do with another one with the amount that I managed to fit in. In fact I don’t know I how I managed to find time to finish an item but I did. Yes it has the nickname that hideous pink cardie but now it all sewn up I’m very proud of it. It just needs a wash and it will be ready to proudly show off. I’m also pleased because it has been finished well in time, it’s not actually due as a present until June.

In other news I have very swollen feet from dancing all night so I treated myself to a foot massage and heated soak. Yes I had to massage my own feet and the heated soak just consists of my coarse salt in warm water in the washing up bowl but it was heavenly. My feet hurt because of the awesomeness that is The Wendy House. This is just another small part of my life which is a little bit of a contradiction. Yes I’m a geeky knitter, I’m also the history obsessed classicist, I’m also the OCD housewife. Another part of me is the crazy alternative girl who listens to metal. But it’s fantastic to have so many different interest and anyway normal is overrated. However staying up til 4am does tend to make me sleepy the day after.

I also had a fantastic pub lunch at the local pub today and some quality time with the family. It’s not often we all just have a natter and dinner out. We occasionally eat at the parents but with me and my sister both having moved out of the parents house (and with her having gone to The Other/Wrong Side of the Pennines) it’s rare for us all the be in the same place at the same time. The reason for all of the above. It’s my birthday tomorrow! Yay! I won’t have time tomorrow with the family because they are all working. And my comment about having another weekend? Well it’s going to happen because I have the week off work and going for a few days in the Yorkshire Dales to rest and relax. Hopefully there will be crafting too!

Lent Update: Still no Coca Cola. I was slightly naughty today and had a Lilt but whilst it was fizzy it had no caffeine and I didn’t even finish the can. Looks like my cravings have well and truly disappeared.

Stitching Sunday: Wool and Who.

Happy Sunday everybody!

I have no plans for today except knitting and watching the marathon of Doctor Who episodes on Watch.

It’s absolute heaven.

Then again I had a pretty epic day yesterday as well. Wool and tea is probably one of the best ways to spend a Saturday.

It was a little bittersweet though. The wool shop that me and my friend went to is closing down soon. This isn’t just any wool shop. If I was to say it was the wool shop in Leeds it’s not really an exaggeration. Even people who don’t knit know about the shop on Eastgate just because it’s been there years. Anyone who has got a bus into Leeds at any point would have more than likely have passed it at one point or another. The shop is due to be demolished as part of the Eastgate Development .

While I do think that the Development is a good idea and places like Trinity have completely changed the way that Leeds look I am starting to think that the Leeds that I knew as a child has already gone. Trinity use to be another shopping centre, a pretty run down one to be honest. The Schofield Centre,which became the Headrow Centre which had the best children’s play area and food court is now The Core which is only occupied by a gym, New Look and HMV (And I’ll be honest I don’t think HMV will last much longer). I had my first visit to Santa at Lewis’s but that’s now A Sainsburys, TK Maxx and Argos. The Odeon is now a Primark (but somehow A.W.Scott next to the building has survived!). And losing The spinner is another part of this.

Wow that got nostalgic quickly. However just as I keep the happy memories of my trip to Santa, the food court at the Schofield Centre and family trips to the Odeon I will now be adding the happy memories of The Spinner to them.

And boy did I get some deals. Enough 4-ply wool to make 2.5 jumpers (the point five because I want to make the below from Issue 75 of Let’s Knit and only have 3 of the colours so far)


The Spinner also said it was open for at least a couple more weeks until they close so I might even end up going back before then and getting a few more bargains.

But for now I have a few more episode of Doctor Who to watch whilst I’m deciding which lovely jumper I want to knit first
: Such a debonair little Jumper or Warm Jumper or you know any Susan Crawford pattern.

Stitching Sunday: A Good Day

Another Sunday and another couple of finishes.


These are from Home Baked Online and are so, so pretty. Well, the ones anyone else would make would be pretty. Mine are a bit misshapen.

I’ve also finished another few squares on my blanket.


To be honest I feel like I’ve hit a bit of a wall with any sort of craft at the moment. Everything seems to be going really slowly and I don’t feel the excitement about anything that I’m making like I use to.

Hopefully this is just a small blip.