Top Ten Tuesday: Knitting Songs!

I know an ambiguous title but trust me! Whilst on the plane to Corfu (take me back to the Beach!) I was listening to a song and realised that it had a line about knitting in it. Then I remembered a couple of others and then I did a bit if research and realised I had enough to make a Top 10! So in at 10….

10. Love of the Common People by Paul Young

Knitting Line: The closer the knit, the tighter the fit.

Knitting Rating: Sound advice there but I think it was a metaphor.

9. Don’t Marry Her by The Beautiful South

Knitting Line: Those Blackbirds look like knitting needles trying to peck your head.

Knitting Rating: In what world do Blackbirds look like knitting needles. IN WHAT WORLD! (I do like this song though)

Bonus: Another Beautiful South Song Woman in the Wall (warning: it is a very depressing song)

8. I can Sing by Barenaked Ladies

Knitting Line: I can knit a scarf, but you can’t knit a sweater.

Knitting Rating: Best for beginners. (Plus the video is awesome for the line “The true instrument of Death Metal – the Bango.”)

7. Stephen by Ke$ha

Knitting Line: Stephen, I’ll Knit you a sweater

Knitting rating: Vocalising the true dedication of knitting a loved one a jumper/sweater. (Actually she appears to be a stalking in the video so YMMV)

6. All I Want by Joni Mitchell

Knitting Line: I wanna knit you a sweater.

Knitting Rating: See above, but with less stalking

5. I’m Going Slightly Mad by Queen.

Knitting Line: I’m knitting with only one needle.

Knitting Rating: Freddie, my dear, what your doing is called crochet.

4. Doozer Knitting Song by Doozer

Knitting Line: ALL OF IT! But I especially like: You know knitting’s friendly, and knitting’s fun, knitting’s good for everyone!)

Knitting Rating: It’s great but what’s a Doozer?

3. Vindaloo by Fat Les

Knitting Line: Knit one, Purl one, Drop one, Curl one, KICK IT!

Knitting rating: Listen to when you’ve had a visit from the frog, you want to kick it then (also the song that inspired this post)

2. I’ve Got A Dream on Tangled Soundtrack.

Knitting Line: Bruiser knits, Killer sews, Fang does little puppet shows, and Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns.

Knitting Rating: Not just knitting but sewing and making puppets! The Snuggly Duckling is practically a Craft Club.

Bonus: Rapunzel knits in her morning routine.

1. When I’m Sixty-Four by The Beatles

Knitting Line: You can knit a sweater by the fireside, Sunday mornings go for a ride.

Knitting Rating: Knitting by a fireside when you’re 64? Sounds like my retirement plan (except my retirements probably going to be at 74!)

If you don’t like the YouTube links it’s also available on Spotify (but with Bernard Cribbins instead of The Beatles, but really who would complain about that?)


Top Ten Tuesday: 10 reasons Easter is fantastic!

Easter weekend is nearly here so I’d thought I’d celebrate with a list.

10. The mornings are brighter and the nights are shorter.

Ok so technically this is a Spring thing but I only really start to notice it this week. Maybe it’s because It felt like the clocks changed later this year but bright mornings make me feel better for the day.

9. Better Weather

Honestly this is as separate point. You can have the sun rising earlier but it can still be drizzling. But this week, The week before Easter it’s really brightened up. I’ve put away the big woollen winter coat and rainjackets and have managed to just wear a cotton jacket and been comfortable on my walk to work. Please let the nice weather stay.

8. Easter bonnets

Did you ever do this at school? I know I did.


(I’m the one in the bonnet if you didn’t guess)

And talking about putting children in stupid outfits….

7. Easter outfits


From here. Ok so less stupid and more very, very cute.

6. Easter holiday

I have a feeling Americans call this Spring Break. Whatever it’s called it means that children and students get 2 whole weeks (here in the UK) to enjoy the first sun of the year (or for those with exams spend 13 days in the library and then cram two weeks of fun into one day)

5. Passover

Ok so I know j was talking about Easter but let’s make this diverse. Passover started yesterday evening and it will fit into Point 1 below.

4. Easter Egg Hunts

Who doesn’t like to spend a couple of hours (or more) looking for….

3. Chocolate Easter Eggs

Yes I know how childish but I don’t care. Easter egg chocolate is the best thing ever. Especially if you have up chocolate for Lent.

2. Time for Reflection

I couldn’t write about Easter without mentioning the true meaning. Yes it’s not a big part of it for me but I will go to Church and just take a moment to reflect on…well everything.

1. Family Time

As my family gets older we seem to spend less time together. Yet we make an effort for occasions over the year. So this Easter I will be sitting down to a Easter dinner with my immediate family (possibly minus the husband who may be working 😞) and we will drink, eat and be merry. And the add to the fun adults also get two bank holidays to make it an extra special long weekend, so it’s not just the children who have time off. This means I get to spend Friday and Saturday with my little sister and Sunday with the family. Hopefully I will also have time on Monday to see a friend. So I get to see all my favourite people in one weekend.

Isn’t Easter just the best?

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Great Things About Tuesdays!

Let’s face it, Tuesday is a bit of a flat day. It’s not the start of the week or the middle of the week or the weekend. Most people would say Tuesday has no good points. But I disagree. Here are 10 reasons Tuesdays are Awesome!

10. You get a list from me
And I get to think of one too!

9. Deliveries!
Look what I got today!


I order this lovely package of goodness from Minerva Crafts on Saturday. Let’s face it Royal Mail would never get it here on Monday morning so Tuesday deliveries are best!

8. Everything’s Tuesday
No I’ve not gone mad. It’s the name of a song! Look honestly a song!

7. Food places are empty
Nobody treats themselves to a lunch treat on a Tuesday. Which makes it the perfect day to go. And my personally suggestion at the moment is Harajuku Kitchen in Trinity Leeds. It’s only here until Sunday so go try then really quickly!

6. Traffics not as bad
You can pretty much guarantee traffic jams on Fridays and Mondays. But Tuesdays not so bad. My train was even on time today! My train is always at least 3 minutes late!

5. Super Tuesdays!
No this isn’t something I’m making up either. Go to your local Vue cinema and you can get a third of the regular cinema price! Who needs orange Wednesdays when you have Super Tuesdays!

4. Again the same for the theatre
Here in Leeds a lot of the productions only have one week runs. Mondays opening nights and Saturday and Sunday Matinees are normally crazy. So go on a Tuesday. Often you get upgraded to a better seat and have the choice of better seats when booking. Double awesome.

3. Sometimes Tuesdays are Mondays
Ok so I’m stretching the credibility here a but but when you have a Bank Holiday Monday how many people (if you work in an office) say “Ooh it’s like Monday today, but it’s only a four day week, how lovely!” So sometimes Tuesdays can be Mondays.

2. Monday, Tuesday, Happy Day!

I just wanted an excuse to link this! How can you not smile at this?

1. Sewing Bee Day People!
Best TV day of the week! Pjs on, needles out, chocolate and wine at the ready. Bring on the Bee!


Top Ten Tuesday: 10 ways to get a good nights Sleep.

I’m not an expert or anything. This post just popped into my mind last night whilst trying to get to sleep.

10. Don’t eat Cheese

They say it’s an old wife’s tale but just to be sure.

9. Have a warm bath

Light some candles, play some nice music, feel those muscles unwind, just don’t actually fall asleep in the bath.

8. Have a hot chocolate

With marshmallows and cream. Yum!

7. Actually just have any hot beverage

except coffee. No coffee

6. Set up a regular bedtime

Parents are always talking about the importance of this for children so surely it should work for adult too. Except we are adults and don’t have a bedtime. And I can’t go to bed until all the chores are done. Remember the time we all wanted to be grown up because we had a bedtime.

5. And breath out

And in. And back out for two.

Ok so for a time I did do a wind down yoga session before bed but then I grew up and had a job and that thing called spare time just disappeared.

4. Put fresh sheets on the bed

And freshly washed pyjamas on the radiator! Isn’t it jut the best when it’s new bedding night? I want to come to bed early.

3. Settle down with a good book

You can guarantee when I start reading in bed I will wake up in the middle of the night been smothered by said book.

2. Banish the snoring partner

I share a bed with an adult male. This means I regularly have to deal with snoring. The best way to get a good nights sleep? Make him sleep in the spare bed, or before that make him sleep on the sofa.

1. Counting Sheep

A little old fashion I may admit but it works. If you want to make it more interesting start naming the sheep breeds.

Blue Leciester.


Welsh Rarebit.

Wait I’m just naming food?

In that case if all else fails go raid the fridge and have a midnight snack.

Just remember to avoid the cheese!

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Celebrity Knitters (And One who Doesn’t)

To follow on from this post I’m now making a list of people in the public eye who knit.

10. Bill Bailey


Ok so I don’t actually know if he knits but the picture was just too good not to add. (He’s not the one who doesn’t, he’s a maybe he knits)

9. Scarlet Johansson


I’ve just watched Lost In Translation for the first time last week and I’ll admit I completely and utterly fell in love. And it wasn’t just because her character is a knitter. (I am a bit of a sucker for May/December Romances, yet this was like no other romance I have ever seen. I’ll stop before this turns into a gush about how I love this film)

8. David Arquette


I’ll be honest I had to do a bit of research for this piece. But this was one name that came up again and again. And you know what, I’m kinda glad it did. I never knew that he knitted and yet he seems to approach it like most other knitters. He learnt from his Grandmother , seems to employ it as a stress relief technique and has used it to help Charity. I’d love to invite him over for a knit and natter.

7. Geri Hariwell


Go Girl Power (Although this article saying her as celebrity fan has helped wool sales is a bit far fetched in my opinion)

6. Uma Thurman


This woman is amazing too. I can’t help but love Kill Bill but it think I got it wrong because the ending made me cry more than any rom-com or oscar drama.

5. Kate Moss


I said in my review of the year I was never going to look like Kate Moss but maybe I can knit like her. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any images of her knitting but apparently keeps her knitting in a Chanel bag. Oh maybe I’m never going to be like Kate Moss, my kitting lives in a satchel.

4. Meryl Streep


Not the best picture of the ever youthful Meryl Streep but she made that awesome cape! Another actress I would love to have a knit and natter afternoon with.

3. Ryan Gosling


The image I want to give you: Remember when everyone wanted him to be Mr Grey. Yeah I think that dominant man likes to knit.

2. The British Royal Family.


If you haven’t guessed by now I’m British and more than a little proud of it. Whilst not a royalist I’m not blind, they are one of the biggest tourist attractions and bring more in revenue than we could accurately measure. They also do some amazing things for charity. And they also look like an amazing family of knitters. The above photo was released for the Diamond Jubilee and shows the Queen Mother, The Queen and Princess Margaret knitting. The Queen Mother has had a guild named in her honour and in WW2 knitted for the troops.

And even Kate has now given her support. (even if she admits she’s not very good)

1. Amanda Seyfried

Just go watch this to see her enthusiasm.

I don’t want to have a knit and natter with her I want her to be my best friend. And can you imagine what the set of Mamma Mia was like with her and Meryl Streep (plus Julie Walters who I imagine is fantastic too) Knitting heaven on a Greek Island.

Plus one who can’t knit: Wil Wheaton

He openly admits he can’t knit but likes looking at knitting patterns on the internet.

Plus look at this adorable photo.


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Fictional Knitters

No I don’t mean people who pretend to knit but characters in TV, film and literature who are known knitters. So without further ado, in at Number 10.

10. Gromit from Wallace and Gromit


A dog who knits! A DOG WHO KNITS! A DOG WHO KNITS! No more to say on this subject.

9. Phoebe Buffay from Friends



My family often said I would turn into Phoebe. I can’t play the guitar, I don’t think my cat is my dead Grandmother and I’m not a Masseuse. However I can’t run, can’t really sing, do say the craziest things and knit. I’ll let you weigh up whether I am or not.

8. Miss Marple


Not really much more to add.

7. Rose for Two and a Half Men


I don’t even like this show but the husband does. And boy did he yell when he saw the scene of Rose knitting. Even then I only managed to watch about 30 seconds before getting distracted.

6. Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web


So technically a weaver but let’s just love all forms of wooly related crafts. It reminds me of been little so sentimentally may have gotten the better of me when I included this.

5. Laurie Strode from Halloween

(This was literally the only image I could find of her with the knitting needle. I might have to make some screenshots myself)

Knitters are not joking when we say we could kill someone with a knitting needle. To be honest I’m surprised that it’s only been done once this noticeably in a film.

4. Mortica Adams from The Adams Family


Another dark one but hey ho.

3. The DC Universe




Because Superheroes need a hobby too (It’s a shame that Marvel can’t keep but but the idea of Tony Stark knitting is the best image my imagination has come up with this year)

2. Everyone in Harry Potter.


This one….


….and this one (epic sleeves)….


….and this one……


…..and this one…..


….and probably this one.

I think J.K. Uses knitting as shorthand for magical. Hence I am magical.

1. The Doctor from Doctor Who



Excuse me while I just spend the rest of the night looking at Paul McGann.

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Moments I Want To See in The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who

This might seem a bit random but let me assure you all of my love for Doctor Who. While I don’t talk if my love for the Who fandom trust me it exists I just try to keep most of my fandom squeeing to other sites. My most prize possession I lost in “The Great Fire of YP” (the name we have given to the fire at work) was my sonic screwdriver pen. And even worse I haven’t been able to find a replacement that doesn’t cost the earth.

However with the big anniversary coming up I thought it was appropriate to share a little fandom love. As the title suggests it’s things I want to happen. I’ve been trying to avoid most spoilers and the only things I definitely know that could be considered spoilery is Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I learnt about Corfu

Can you tell I’m missing my holiday already?

10. They have a palace dedicated to Achilles
….built by a Austrian Princess in a time when Greece was still finding a national identity after a short rule by the British after it had been fought over by the Venetians and Ottomans for a few centuries.

Unfortunately I couldn’t visit during my trip.

9. The airport is on water
Well that might be a slight exaggeration but Corfu is very, very hilly and so they had to find the flattest piece of land to build the airport on. The only place available was on a piece on land practically in the sea. They even extended the land a bit. The whole way into land all I heard from the husband was “I swear there’s no runway. It’s just water. I swear there’s no runway. It’s just water”. And I’m the one who’s a little more uncomfortable with flying.

8. They love Elvis…
There was a bar right on the beach dedicated to him. And on alternate nights they had a Elvis impersonator. It was quite good as long as you thought of Elvis just before he died rather than then the young, fresh out of the army Elvis.

7….and UB40…
This was everywhere. At one point I heard Red Red Wine 7 times in a 24 hour period. I actually had UB40s greatest hits on my iPod before I went on holiday. It’s been removed now.

6…..but most of all they love this song.

And now I love it too.

5. Prince Philip was born on Corfu
Just a random fact I knew about Corfu before I actually went (the kind of useless stuff that helps me in quizzes)

4. 38 degrees is not that warm for August
We found this out by talking to one of the locals who commented that me and the husband looked too warm. We said it was really warm and we would probably never see these types of temperatures at home. The local then went into a rant how it was really cool this year and we were missing out on the hottest weather. I’m kinda glad we missed the warmest weather. My British skin is very glad we missed the hottest weather.

3. It has the largest population of wild snakes in Europe
I remember reading this somewhere but now can’t find the source and its really bothering me. The only reason this is mentioned is because I actually saw a snake. Well a more accurate description would be that I had the choice to be run over by a car or jump into a grass verge. I jumped into the verge and disturbed a snake. I quickly jumped out again.

2. The national Museum of Archaeology is closed for restorations.
This is both good and bad. Yay for money been spent on museums and especially on a island with so much history. Boo because this is the second time I’ve been to a Greek island and the main museum on the island has been closed for restorations. Next time I book a holiday to Greece I’m choosing an island with an open museum.

1. I miss it already
….and am already planning to go back next year.

Top Ten Tuesday – 10 things I have learnt from work

It seems only fitting with the disaster that happened at work nearly 2 weeks to give my works it of an ego boost. (Especially with the news we now have to look for new premises as the ones that had the fire are been demolished). So here we go list fans….(please be aware there will be strong language. Do not read if this offends you)

10. A window is more important than you realise
At the place I worked before here it was an internal office with no natural light. Over the winter I remember someone coming in and been really excited saying “Come look its snowing”. I looked up with a vaguely bemused look on my face and went back to work. Not having a window doesn’t just mean you don’t have something to distract you when you need a 30 second break from the computer screen but it also completely throws out your sense of time. Not good. It makes a boring job seem 4 times longer than it really is. Since working here I swear I’ve been happier just for sitting next to a window.

9. I know more about HS2 than the majority of rail staff.
This involves both my job and the husbands. He works on the train, I work for a company that draws up searches and plans for solicitors and estate agents. A lot of people at the moment want to know if HS2, the proposed high speed rail link that will be going through most of England will effect the new property they are buying/building. This means I’ve had to learn the route of HS2, me rail terminals, the proposed legislation depending on how far you are from the proposed lines….you get the picture. After one day of particular intense HS2 reading I decided to discuss it with my husband. Turns out that he, and most of the other rail staff, are not even aware that there are plans to build a new rail station in Leeds. Hmmmm…..

8. Working 3 minutes from Leeds rail station means I don’t have to leave home until 8:15 and I still get to work on time!
Basically I like my sleep so the later I can get up the better.

7. If you’re gonna play shit music play it loudly!
This is a direct quote from someone I work with. We are a small, close and quite informal group at work. One of the best things in the old office, as it shall henceforth be known, was the fact we had a radio. Now baring in mind even friends can differ in musical taste getting 30 people to agree on one cd normally meant the radio was on. One day after a string of particularly cheesy pop songs a early 90’s dance track came on which lead to the above been yelled by a member of staff. What can be said about my work is that it’s things like this that make it more fun.

6. Insults can be inventive
In complete opposite to the above just because we do get along the majority of the time doesn’t mean that we can’t be insulting to each other sometimes. However rather than just coming out with the standard we try to get inventive. The best I have heard recently is “Alright Price Caspian, keep your fucking hair on. We can’t all be as good looking as you.” If you ever could die from laughter it would have been at this point.

5. This was my destiny
Sounds a bit strong? Ok then about 3 months after I started a girl with the same name as me started. Also turns out we studied the same course at the same university. And went to the same high school and lived in the same area when in high school. And when we were born lived 2 streets away from each other. Far too many coincidences for my liking. So I genuinely believe we both had the same chances and experiences and have ended up doing the same thing. That’s more an just a coincidence. That’s destiny. (I would just like to point out I don’t normally believe in things like destiny but there are just too many coincidences to make it just a little odd how similar we are)

4. We have amazing nights out
Yes we are many in number and when we go to a bar we do have a habit of taking over a little bit (Sorry especially to Nation of Shopkeepers for the night we took over your courtyard). But as the saying goes the more the merrier. I may have got a little squiffy at the last night out but no one judged anybody and on Monday we had the same fun as we had any other day. And the best stories come upon nights out. Including one about chasing some horses down the M62 on New Years Eve…..

3. That “Shitloads” and “It’s on it’s fucking arse” are technical terms
Our IT department is one man who works the hardest I have ever seen. And everyone gives him the respect he deserves for it. But when things go wrong he really does have a flare for saying something like the above followed by “and that’s a technical term”. Like when my PDF decided it just wasn’t going to work anymore. That was “it’s just playing silly buggers and that’s a technical term”. And the majority of the damage caused by the fire was to the technical equipment so I imagine this guy is literally run off his feet trying to make the office run at a reasonable level again.

2. Treat everyday like your on day release from the mental hospital
This is another classic from the guy who said number 7. In the lift one morning he asked how I was. I answered honestly and said I felt like dancing down the street but didn’t want anyone to think I was crazy. His response was “Fuck ’em. Dance if you wanna dance. Live everyday like your on day release from the mental hospital” I quizzically looked at him and he explained further. “If you live everyday like its your last you can’t waste a day. It you live it like its a day release pass you do what you want, even if that means spending it in your own bed because you know even though you have to go back to the nut house for good behaviour you can get another day pass” I processed this for a minute and thought it was a good idea when he made it perfect as we were leaving the lift “Plus of you tell people your on day release it makes sure they stay the hell away unless they already love you for craziness”. It made me smile for the rest of the day.

1. We are amazing in a crisis
It took us two days to get back to work after everything was destroyed in a fire. That wasn’t begrudgingly or because we are a massive multi billion pound company. It’s because we worked together to get us back on our feet. It was hard work and it probably won’t be back to full capacity for a full time but it just shows working as a team has its benefits but working well as a team it even better.

Basically this was a little love letter to my work because it needed it at the moment.

Top Ten Tuesday – Desert Island

So I finally have something for each day of the week! YAY! This doesn’t mean I will be posting everyday as I do actually have a life but now I have a subject on which to post every day.

So without further ado welcome to list day aka Top Ten Tuesdays. This way I was make a list during the week and then post it here and have a natter.

The first one is a classic – if you were stuck on a desert island and were only allowed 10 singles which ones would you choose?

The only rules I’ve enforced on myself is that I will not be using any of my songs from my 30 days challenge.

So (impersonating Tony Blackburn) in at number 10:

Hound Dog –
(Unable to embed for some reason)

If I was stuck on a desert island I’d be quite miserable so I would need a couple of happy songs. A great song from a great movie with a dance!

Number 9:
Maria by Blondie

Awe the memories. This was on the first album I ever bought for myself. It was some sort of completion album, pretty sure it was Now 38 or some equivalent. It was the very last track on the tape (yes, cassette tape!) and it got rewound and played that much I pretty much ruined it. And started my love affair with Blondie.

Number 8:
Ever Fallen In Love Someone (Who Shouldn’t Have Fallen in Love With) by The Buzzcocks

This would totally be my thrash it song. If I was on a desert island I would go mental. So to let off steam I would totally headbang to this song.

Number 7:
Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benetar

No reason apart from I love it.

Number 6:
What Have I Done to Deserve This? By Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield.

I was so torn. I wanted Pet Shop Boys to feature in this list. I wanted Dusty Springfield to appear in this list. While this isn’t the best song by either of them it’s still better than the majority of songs anyone else can produce. So I split the difference and included this one.

Number 5:
While My Guitar Gentle Weeps by The Beatles.

Who was the greatest Beatles songwriter? Lennon or McCartney? Neither. It was George Harrison. He wrote both my favourite songs, While my Guitar gentle Weeps and Here Comes The Sun. But for this list I chose the first because seriously at the moment we don’t need anymore sun so I’m not tempting fate by adding that.

Number 4:
Red Light Spells Danger by Billy Ocean

Ok I give no s**ts if this is consider cheesy/uncool/too disco/insert insult of choice here. This guy is a legend and this song makes me happy no matter what mood I am in. Hopefully one day I will get to see him play live, actually gutted that I missed his tour last year.

Number 3:
Stoned in Love by Chicane feat. Tom Jones.

This is another one of “I don’t care what you think of my taste in music I love it songs”

Number 2:
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Does this really need to be explained? As someone once said “This isn’t a song, its an opera.” As odd as it sounds I agree. The emotions, the changes and, simply, Freddie Mercury’s Voice. If I was on a desert island I think I could listen to it a 1000 times and still find something new with each listen.

Number 1:
Hotel California by The Eagles.


I just think its one of the most perfect songs ever. I could listen to it on repeat. And if I was on a desert island I probably would.