Mini Monday: Missing Month…

It feels like yet another month has gone by without me posting a single thing.

But I am still so busy but here is a quick preview of what I have been working on.


Yes it really is that orange!


Stitching Sunday: Updates!

Look updates!


This is the sleeve of a jumper I started on holiday. I’m actually going to be making two nearly identical versions of this for two little boys in my family. So far I have one back, two sleeves and the beginning of a front. I have a bit of a dilemma of which version I want to do though, with or without a hood. As the only changes have to be made to the front neck to decide with or without a good I still have time to decide but it’s not really good to make a decision as knitting as I have discovered in the past. I think I have asked everyone in real life that I know which they prefer and most have informed me it’s my decision to make. NO! I can’t make this decision. Anyone want to help me?


Also next look, pretty fair isle! This is the back of the nearly never ending jumper. I have just another 2cm of the plain stocking stitch in the dusky pink to go on the front before I start the fair isle on that. Whilst this project feels like it has been going forever I apparently only started it sometime in March. Hopefully at this rate it will be ready for autumn.


Whilst the Fair Isle jumper may feel like it’s taken forever this really is taking forever. What you see is actually all I have done on it. This is the back panel of what I call Aran for Aaron. It’s a silly word play but makes me smile. I don’t think this will be completed in time for this winter.


I also got round I washing the fabric I bought for some summer dresses. Yes summer may be coming to an end but I may get to wear something I make before the end of September. However I have learnt that drying several meters of fabric in a tiny flat is not very practical. My sudden interest in trying to get back on the dressmaking wagon is four fold:-

1. I have so much fabric I should really use some of it soon.

2. My wardrobe really needs updating. I can count on one hand the amount of outfits I own that fit, are fashionable and suitable for work on one hand. Then again I can probably do the same for my out of work clothes too.

3. I have a new sewing machine that needs to be used for more than cushion covers.

4. Look at my new friend…


She is just begging to be draped in fabric even if she does look amazing in the nude, so to speak.

She is another of my charity shops finds. I saw her standing in the window and had to look at her in more detail. It was only when I got into the shop I realised she was for sale. As it was a case of love at first sight I didn’t care what her price was I just had to buy her. Turns out she didn’t break the bank balance at £20! In fact I think she was a bargain. Yes she has a little bit of damage around her base and she is old enough to be called vintage but to me is perfect. I’m hoping we have many happy hours together.

The 30 Day Knitting Challenge: Days 2 & 3.

Day 2: What is currently on your needles?

I suppose the main thing I was working on was Little Vine.


However I’ve just found out that the little girl I was making it for has had her Christening postponed. Now I’m not on a timescale anymore I might take a step back and focus on something else.

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

Yes. seriously just read the list that I’ve linked. I’m not writing it all out again.


And the bad thing is I don’t even know where all my current projects are.

Off the top of my head I have Vine Cardie, Aaron’s Hayfield jumper, Feathers McGraw, My Hearts and Flowers Jumper, Dennis the Menance Socks, lacy shawl, the Baa Ram Ewe Cowl, the extra tiny leg warmers, poor old Tut’, Art of Crochet blanket, a couple of other cross stitch (Cleo and a wedding sampler), beaded bag and… wait that’s it. I think. Maybe.

And yet I want to start something new.

Maybe it’s because my plan on Monday was to have a wool, craft, fun day! Yes it went a bit awry but I did buy some goodies. I bought some Scrumptious 4 ply by Fyberspates that at the moment is just for stroking. Seriously I’m say here petting it like a silky little animal.


Plus it matches my nails at the moment.

I also found mountains of white wool in the charity shops in Headingly and decided to try kool aid dying again. Except I forgot the bit about only animal fibres. Now I know why they say animal fibres only. Luckily I only used a small amount so I still have yards and yards of white wool in various weights just itching to be used. More for me to cast on. More temptation.

So, I have decided I should finish at least one thing before anymore is cast on. Also my limited needle supply demands this happens. But what to finish? Well I’ve mostly been working on Little Vine (with the silly slippery needle), Heart and Flowers (Just starting Fair Isle section so not practical as a travel piece anymore) and Feathers McGraw (Stupid toy in a thousand pieces, on tiny needles, it’s a good job the friend I’m making it for is such a very good friend because I’ve been tempted to throw it in the bin at points). So these are going slow because I’m grumpy. As to where the others are I have no ideas.

On the other hand I did a bit of mathematics yesterday during a quiet 5 minutes at work. According to my library on Ravelry I have 1,155 patterns. So if I was to retire at 65 but wanted to knit everything in my library before then what would be the time scales? Well I would have about 2 weeks per project and I would complete them all before my 65 birthday, just. I think this proves I need to add more projects, I mean I need to plan retirement pieces as well.

EDIT: I went hunting. Tut is behind the chair, and I’m thinking he might be unfinished forever more. The small leg warmers are in the ottoman. Aaron’s jumper is in a bag on the door handle in the small bedroom/craft room/ study. The socks were in my blue satchel. The Vine Cardie was in my black satchel that I had taken to work today. The Dennis socks and shawl were under the small bedroom bed, but the pattern is lost for the shawl. This may mean I may have to frog the shale if the pattern is not found. The Art of Crochet blanket is in the pink box by the computer in the living room. Feathers McGraw is under the side table in the living room. The random cross stitch and beaded bad are in the really useful boxes in the storage cupboard. I have no idea where the Baa Ram Ewe cowl is. I’ve searched hard and it’s not in any of the usual places. However the husband may have a point when he says my craft stuff takes over the house. Makes me more determined to finish off some projects and give them a good home.

Stitching Saturday – The Joy of Hayfever

The weather is still been weirdly nice. But after the recent shower we had it means the pollen count has gone ridiculously high. Which means I’ve done nothing but sneeze all day.

However rather than laze about like I did last weekend I have actually spent some quality time with the wool and thread.


I’m actually pretty proud of the end result but it was a typical Laura last moment job. To be fair I did finish him 2 days early but when I was making up the goggle eye I went looking for my white felt turns out that it had magically disappeared. So I used white cotton in the end. I was sure I had white felt. I mean I found the black felt and the red felt but no white felt.

In other work my friend has just had a little girl so I’m making a cardie. I only have another 10 rows to do so will hopefully will be finished tomorrow and can show off the finished product then. I’ve also sorted out all my threads for Sloth so will be making a start on her soon.

But now I’m going to sneeze a bit more. Achoo!

Mini Monday – A single pretty flower not in a row (not even finished!)

Happy Monday! And what another glorious day. I really do think we are been spoilt.

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend but everything went a bit pear shaped craft wise. First off just – HEAT! I do not function in hot weather. I burn, I’m uncomfortable, I find food horrible, my feet give off the most offensive odour….you get the picture.

And when I did actually sit down to give Tut’ some much needed attention – DISASTER! As you can probably tell from the photo updates on Tut’ he has a lot of what I have dubbed royal blue in his headpiece. And when I sat down to complete his eyeliner in this blue I realised I only had about 30cm left! No where near enough to complete the 600 or so stitches needed in this colour. So I had a mad dash to the local DMC supplier in town. And got distracted.


This would be fabric of the new dress that I have bought. I would show a picture of the dress but as I only have a video and can’t take a screen shot its proving a little difficult.

When I finally got home. Was far to warm to even consider doing some of Tut’ so he was left to languish behind the chair for another week.

Sunday turned into – MURRAY! I did work a little on the minions tho.


Not long until they are due to be given as a birthday present.

And finally as it is Monday here is an update on my mini.


Not too bad especially considering that I dislike backstitch. Unfortunately I won’t consider this particular mini complete until all three of the designs are complete so I’m actually more like a third of the way through.

Well back to the minions I suppose.

Happy crafting!

Fun Friday – Craft in Leeds

It’s a glorious day here in Leeds. Rare but all the more appreciated. Currently sat in the park near my work stretch out on the grass listening to a bit of Pink Floyd wishing I didn’t have to go back to work, literally smelling the roses.

But what I really came to talk about was my wonderful city. Which seems to be lacking in craft. Now if you look at it from the outside it doesn’t looking. With have the fabulous Baa Ram Ewe, a market with a collection of haberdasheries, Samuel Taylors, Yum Yum Beads and various craft groups, many of which are on Raverly. Seems amazing doesn’t it?

Yet the craft community seems really small. While we have the variety in the shops it just doesnt seem that they get used by a variety of people. For example I went to buy yarn for the mystery project I mentioned in my last post. And met two people I knew from craft groups. In a city of this size you wouldn’t expect to meet people that easily that you know.

So have I come to complain? Well no not really. While it would be lovely to meet more new people due to craft, and I suppose I do because of this blog, having such a small craft community is lovely in a way. It means everyone stops to have a chat and asks how the latest project is going. What I’m really worried about is losing the shops that we do have either to online competition or, worse, just from people not using them. The decline of the high street is real. And this scares me.

The Internet is fantastic. Just look at all the things on it. But there’s nothing like walking into a craft shop, seeing the vibrancy of the colours, feeling the weight of the fabric and yarn in your hand and more often that not hearing the gentle click click of needles meeting. So this is my plea to use your local craft store. You just don’t know for how long they will be there.

In happier news my mystery project is this….


I’m making minions! AND THEIR SO FLUFFY I’M GOONA DIE! Kk bit of a exaggeration but they are cute. The pattern is from Raverly, here’s the link:—despicable-me

Have a fun Friday!

WIP Wednesday – Eye can see you now….

I promise I will stop with the eye jokes soon. But Tut’ now has two eyes and some jazzy eyeliner.


And an antenna as the husband phrased it. Actually the weird antenna (damn the name has stuck) is going to be part of the cobra on the headdress but is the last of the black so I thought I would finish it so I could retire that thread back to the main box.

As also admitted before I’m a bit of a serial starter. So I’ve started something new. It’s for a present that is due in 20 days tho so I better get my skates on.

Rather than tell you I’ve decided I’m going to post a picture and let you guess what it will be. All will be revealed in the near future.


Apologies for poor quality pics again.

Mini Monday – Another Monday, another finish!

A pattern is starting. Another Monday, another finish. Here have a look.


Once again excuse the photography. It’s not my strong point especially using iPad.

And another start.


This one is from the latest issue of CrossStitcher.

As for yesterday well the craft day did go as planned. I did help my friend through her bag of fabric that she had gained. The majority of it is going to go into a patchwork quilt which should look lovely. Some is going to be donated to the local student stitch and bitch and I may have taken a bit.

But I do literally mean a bit for a change.


How beautiful if that? I know it doesn’t look like much at the moment but hopefully it’s going to be used to make a roman blind for my kitchen window. If I ever get round to it. I seem to collect more than I make.

And look! I managed to make a post during the week. Lets hope I keep up the good work.